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Spontaneously in a sentence

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Similar words: spontaneoussimultaneouslyinstantaneousextraneouspiteouslymiscellaneouscourageouslyextemporaneousMeaning: adv. 1. in a spontaneous manner 2. without advance preparation. random good picture
1. What are the chances of these molecules springing spontaneously into existence?
2. The fuel spontaneously ignites because of the high temperature and pressure.
3. People used to believe that dirt spontaneously generated disease.
4. Opportunities for learning occur spontaneously every day.
5. As soon as the tremor passed, many people spontaneously arose and cheered.
6. We decided spontaneously to board a train for Geneva.
6. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
7. Usually a woman's breasts produce milk spontaneously after the birth.
8. Sometimes fun activities just happen spontaneously; at other times they take careful planning.
9. I had never been spontaneously approached by a publisher and such condescension rather turned my head.
10. The body becomes readily subject to bruising, sometimes spontaneously.
11. They love it when the pupils spontaneously show affection or appreciation.
12. Is it one of those reactions that occur spontaneously when journalists' ink is mixed with an equal measure of pure ignorance?
13. The members of the editorial group spontaneously agreed that the royalties should be devoted to spiritual and charitable purposes.
14. Would the hydra eventually wither away spontaneously?
15. The liquid spontaneously ignited.
16. It has to be possible to produce spontaneously original sentences which are based on implicit rules which allow generalisation.
17. Gene mutations occur spontaneously and can be induced by mutagenic agents such has high temperature, mustard gas, and radiation.
18. Deploying strategic crescendos, they had people jumping spontaneously out of their seats.
19. Each U-235 nucleus that decays spontaneously emits two large but unequal fragments, plus several neutrons.
20. In our concern that evangelism should happen spontaneously we can not ignore the need for planning and structure.
21. People spontaneously join in when they hear some one else laughing.
22. The huge crowd spontaneously broke into applause.
23. He's unconscious, breathing spontaneously, slightly hypothermic from exposure.
24. Among these forty women, none referred spontaneously to her husband's comments as a source of personal reward for doing housework.
25. The bleeding often stops spontaneously.
26. The burning foam generates such heat that other items in the room can ignite spontaneously.
27. Although this trigger, like other triggers, presents open-ended problematic situations, critical thinking does not occur spontaneously.
28. Many people control their feelings through muscle tension and may re-experience these feelings spontaneously when the muscle spasm is broken up.
29. This might happen because he chooses to listen to the recording of the regression, or it might arise spontaneously.
30. Particular emphasis is being placed upon comparing those collaborations which happen spontaneously and those which take place within a publicly sponsored programme.
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