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Vigorously in a sentence

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Synonym: smartlySimilar words: vigorousrigorousvigorraucouslynervouslydubiouslypiteouslycuriouslyMeaning: adv. with vigor; in a vigorous manner. random good picture
1. We would vigorously oppose such a policy.
2. The vegetables in the garden vegetate vigorously.
3. He shook the blankets vigorously to get rid of the dust.
4. The mass movement for technical innovation is vigorously forging ahead in the factory.
5. She chafed her cold hands vigorously.
6. The proposed new examination system has been vigorously opposed by teachers.
7. How vigorously will the local companies defend their turf?
8. The pheasant flapped its wings vigorously.
9. They fell on the enemy vigorously.
10. The police vigorously denied that excessive force had been used.
11. Scarify the lawn vigorously with a rake.
12. He vigorously defended his point of view.
13. The plan's success depends on how vigorously the UN will back it up with action.
14. A water vole swam vigorously upstream.
15. He launched into a rhythm vigorously.
16. Doctrinal differences were vigorously debated among religious leaders.
17. The party campaigned vigorously in the north of the country.
18. The orator gestured vigorously while speaking.
19. "That's exactly it," she said,( nodding vigorously.
20. They rocketed the enemy troops vigorously.
21. He rubbed his limbs vigorously to get the blood circulating.
22. She plans to defend the lawsuit vigorously.
23. The tradesman was vigorously soliciting for my custom.
24. They had campaigned vigorously for unilateral nuclear disarmament .
25. The newspaper has campaigned vigorously for the nationalist cause.
26. Some Guardians pursued the new policy more vigorously than others.
27. Why then did Goethe claim so vigorously that there was a close similarity between his and Runge's views on colour?
28. He shook his head vigorously in an attempt to free himself of the gloomy feeling which oppressed him.
29. Roy breathed on his hands and rubbed them together vigorously.
30. I was sure that were such a scheme to be imposed, it would be vigorously resisted and criticised.
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