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Resent in a sentence

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Sentence count:110+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27
Antonym: submitSimilar words: resentmentpresentimentpresentresentfulpresentedpresentlyrepresentat presentMeaning: [rɪ'zent] v. 1. feel bitter or indignant about 2. wish ill or allow unwillingly. 
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1. I resent the way he sneers at our efforts.
2. 'I really resent the way he treated me.' 'I know the feeling.'
3. I resent the charges of incompetence made against me.
4. I resent his interference in my work.
5. I deeply resent the insinuation that I'm only interested in the money.
6. Many conscripts resent having to do their military service.
7. I resent paying extra for my drink just because it's in a posey bottle!
8. I resent these incursions into/upon my leisure time.
9. I resent the implication that I don't care about my father.
10. They resent what they see as bossiness.
11. I strongly resent such unwarranted aspersions.
12. They resent foreign interference in the internal affairs of their country.
13. Does she resent my being here?
14. I resent the encroachment on my time.
15. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time.
16. Small nations resent Western cultural imperialism.
17. I resent it that my job is starting to encroach on my family life.
18. I bitterly resent your criticism.
19. Partners may resent or fail to understand a drop in income important to maintaining a certain lifestyle.
20. He must resent the impertinent intrusion of the big car.
21. Many solicitors deeply resent the treatment they feel they have received over their remuneration.
22. She even began to resent the attention her baby boy received from others,[] as if he had displaced her.
23. The newspaper article touched a raw nerve - people still resent the closure of the local school.
24. Para-doxically, the less you have to do the more you may resent the work that does come your way.
25. For when he had carried the consulship for a friend of his, against the pursuit of Sylla, and that Sylla did a little resent thereat, and began to speak great, Pompey turned upon him again, and in effect bade him be quiet.
26. Perhaps if our judges were paid more, they would resent large jury awards less.
27. But maybe the day will come when they will resent the loss of their childhood years.
28. Caroline realised that she was floundering in such a morass of conflicting emotions that she hardly knew what to resent most.
29. As with so many things, no sooner had he taken the idea to himself than he began to resent it passionately.
30. Some of this season's squad played under Doyle in the mid-'80s and they especially resent his criticisms.
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