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Resentment in a sentence

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Sentence count:234+10 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-14Updated:2016-12-14
Synonym: angerannoyancebitternessdispleasureindignationirritationvexationwrathSimilar words: appointmentpresentrepresentat presentpresentedomnipresentfor the presentpresentationMeaning: [rɪ'zentmənt] n. a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will. random good picture
(1) She was filled with deep resentment at being passed over for promotion.
(2) She felt all her old resentment flaring up.
(3) A greater cause for resentment is the discrepancy in pay.
(4) Mercy should alloy our stern resentment.
(5) Don't let your resentment build up.
(6) The feelings of hurt and resentment lingered on for years.
(7) Their seething resentment led to angry jostling between team-mates.
(8) He sensed an undercurrent of resentment among the crowd.
(9) All her feelings of resentment just came pouring out.
(10) He felt considerable resentment towards Sheila for making him work late.
(11) He struggled to contain his resentment.
(12) She could not conceal the deep resentment she felt at the way she had been treated.
(13) He felt a spurt of resentment against his brother.
(14) Management is acutely aware of the resentment that their decision may cause.
(15) Already the awards are causing resentment in the lower ranks of council officers.
(16) She felt a prick of resentment when she saw them together.
(17) The resentment festered in his mind.
(18) She expressed resentment at being interviewed by a social worker.
(19) that he can accept criticism without resentment.
(20) He still harboured feelings of resentment.
(21) He felt great resentment at having his ambition frustrated.
(22) Therewas an undercurrent of resentment in their acceptance of the plan.
(23) He feels/harbours deep resentment against/towards his parents for his miserable childhood.
(24) There's confusion and resentment, and it's almost never expressed out in the open. Take this office[], for example.
(25) Although an agreement has been reached, rumbles of resentment can still be heard.
(26) His daughters stared back at him with an expression of sullen resentment.
(27) When I walked out of the prison cell towards the door leading to freedom, I have made it clear his own pain and resentment if not able to stay behind, so in fact I still in prison.
(28) You are not doing yourself any good by storing up your resentment.
(29) Instead of discussing their problems, they bottle up all their anger and resentment.
(30) The rapid promotion of the director's son has itself fuelled resentment within the company.
More similar words: appointmentpresentrepresentat presentpresentedomnipresentfor the presentpresentationrepresentationrepresentativesentimenttreatmentcommitmentapartmentinvestmentadjustmentdirect investmententailmententertainmentpresencein the presence ofcommencementamendmentassentabsentparenthesesdissentconsentsentenceessential
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