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Pagination in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: imaginationoriginationimaginativeunimaginativeimaginativelymultinational corporationratiocinationurinationMeaning: [‚pædʒɪ'neɪʃn] n. the system of numbering pages. random good picture
1. Some systems still rely on a batch pagination method while others, like Interleaf, do the whole thing on the fly.
2. Although pagination has been excluded, the novel is nevertheless bound in a fixed order.
3. Our printing forefathers were notoriously careless about their pagination.
4. Navigation.jsp - The pagination Navigation.jsp contains the logic to paginate a page if the navigation links exceed the page size supported by a device.
5. At the same time, author discusses mainly data pagination, data updating and maintenance, nodes recovery of distributed data management in a naval command and control system.
6. This mostly affects i-mode devices, but the pagination threshold can be altered to paginate for other devices as well.
7. Pagination : The numbering of the make - up pages in consecutive order of a book.
8. Similar to the pagination function found for the wml variant, the pagination variant is used by html-type devices with limited buffer space.
9. Web pagination technology separated into two types of temporary Recordset and storage procedure.
10. The value '0'indicates automatic pagination.
11. The paginate attribute determines whether or not pagination is required.
12. If pagination is enabled,[] then calculate the starting value based on the Prev/Next mode the user selects.
13. Pagination display of database query is realized by ADO accessing background database.
14. This is used by the pagination logic within the wml Navigation.jsp to determine the buffer space available to render the navigation links.
15. Model data pagination and sorting.
16. Yorick had eschewed such simple guidelines as dates and pagination.
17. Thus Experience has an undulating, open-ended form, something like a notebook whose pagination has been erased.
17. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
18. With all this control at hand, it's quite easy to implement a simple paging system for YQL results using a pagination widget like Zend_Paginator.
19. The invention reduces paper waste, data bit storage on a User's computer, and mitigates pagination issues in a hard copy scanned document.
20. Number of items to render in the control. The value '0'indicates automatic pagination.
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