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Nonspecific in a sentence

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Sentence count:75Posted:2017-09-01Updated:2017-09-01
Similar words: unspecificspecificationsspecificunspecifiedspecificallyspecificityspecific heatspecificationMeaning: adj. not caused by a specific agent; used also of staining in making microscope slides. random good picture
1. I intend to use these terms in a deliberately non-specific and all-embracing way.
2. What is usually found is cells with massive receptive fields with very non-specific receptive field properties.
3. Bohemian children suffer from two to three respiratory diseases a year, and one third suffer from non-specific allergies.
4. Others are preceded by mild head injuries or nonspecific infections.
5. There are three main types: non-specific, specific, and potential.
6. At least he had been non-specific, so the chances were still good.
7. This includes object classes providing basic non-specific operating system services.
8. The candidate's speech was non-specific.
8. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
9. The causative organism, like that responsible for many cases of non-specific infection, is a member of the chlamydia group.
10. It is a nonspecific test and must be interpreted in the context of the total clinical presentation. 4.
11. But gastric metaplasia may also develop as a non-specific response to mucosal injury not associated with acid peptic damage.
12. The usual differential diagnosis lies between non-specific urethritis and gonorrhoea.
13. I had carried out postmortem examinations of the dead animals but had found only a non-specific gastro-enteritis.
14. They may then be an unusual cause of non-specific urethritis.
15. This suggests that the phenomenon may also be caused, in some non-specific way, by the ingestion of fresh growing grass.
16. Both of these mechanisms may destroy the chemoattractant but will also cause unavoidable non-specific damage in the immediate vicinity of the neutrophil.
17. The Table does not include various non-specific measures which are part of any treatment procedure of this kind.
18. Non-specific staining was assessed by omission of the primary antibody.
19. The description was deliberately non-specific.
20. Results: ELP had nonspecific symptom usually . Its pathology showed large amounts of foam cells in diseased pulmonary alveoli and interstitial fibro-plastic proliferation were seen .
21. The format of the question is very nonspecific and could generate a wide range of responses.
22. However, nonspecific urethritis can usually be effectively treated with a course of antibiotics.
23. Symptoms are nonspecific with cauda equina syndrome, monoparesis, radicular or low back pain, paresthesias, and gait disturbances.
24. Objective: To find a therapeutic regimen to treat nonspecific urethritis (mucopurulent cervicitis) quickly and reduce cross infection. Method: There were 280 patients in our study.
25. Other:Such as nonspecific ulcerative colitis, sugar original sex diarrhea is far-gone .
26. Objective To investigate the effect of bed rest on acute nonspecific low back pain ( ANLBP ).
27. Hypophosphatasia is a rare inherited metabolic disease of decreased tissue nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (TNSALP) and defective bone mineralization .
28. Bacteria such as Citrobacter sp. harboring phoN, a gene encoding a nonspecific acid phosphatase, have been reported to precipitate heavy metals efficiently.
29. Select the characters you want to treat as identical in a nonspecific search.
30. Objective:To analyze the high frequency ultrasound graphy and CDFI of the confirmed tuberculosis of epididymis and nonspecific epididymitis.
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