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Specificity in a sentence

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Sentence count:185Posted:2017-07-16Updated:2017-07-16
Similar words: specificunspecificspecificallyspecific heatspecificationspecific energyspecifiedunspecifiedMeaning: n. 1. the quality of being specific rather than general 2. the quality of being specific to a particular organism. 
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1. The reporter's recommendations lack specificity.
2. It can replicate because the specificity of base pairing ensures that the daughter molecules are identical to the original one.
3. Marx's recognition of the specificity of motives under capitalism should have alerted us to this problem.
4. You must find the right balance of specificity and practicality between the two extremes.
5. Standards may also vary somewhat in specificity and reproducibility according to the methods used.
6. These are protein molecules, which owe their specificity to their amino acid sequence, and hence ultimately to the genes.
7. At this level of specificity, therefore,(sentence dictionary) these facts are of limited significance for a general study of lexical semantics.
8. The relationship between precision and recall and specificity is interesting.
9. The higher the specificity of indexing, the more likely that search outputs will show high precision.
10. The reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity of the continuous infusion glucose tolerance test have been reported.
11. The specificity also assists in the construction of parsimonious, but relevant, information systems for control purposes.
12. The laboratory tests lack specificity and can be normal in the presence of clinically active disease.
13. Lower specificity will be associated with lower precision but high recall.
14. Also the specificity of our results needs to be verified as we did not study patients with other inflammatory bowel diseases.
15. Thus sensitization lacks the specificity which is the hallmark of truly associative learning in which a particular pairing of stimuli is achieved.
16. These articles, definite and indefinite[], now increase the specificity of the lexical meaning of the nouns.
17. For that reason the concept of site specificity and corporate sponsorship are antithetical.
18. Increasing the specificity of the acoustic information.
19. Without Rice to fall back on like a feather bed of dreams, the 49ers made the transition from specificity to diversity.
20. Therefore, this region may confer some degree of specialization to the protein, in terms of cellular location and/or tissue specificity.
21. X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic techniques continue to provide important clues, leading towards an understanding of the remarkable specificity of enzymatic catalysis.
22. Early results have shown that the device has a high sensitivity and specificity.
23. A set number of categories will largely determine the specificity of the headings to be included in the index.
24. In objectification, the artefact appears to be instrumental in linking these major processes of abstraction and specificity.
25. All analytical methods should be validated in respect of accuracy, precision, linearity and specificity.
26. While Marx presents them as constituents of a unified, continuous process, each nevertheless has its specificity.
27. The repressor also recognizes sequence-dependent distortion or flexibility of the operator phosphate backbone, conferring specificity even for inaccessible base pairs.
28. Linkage of the addition reaction to the molecular mechanism of catalysis therefore depends on demonstration of sequence specificity.
29. Terms should be reviewed for consistency and appropriate level of pre-coordination, word form and level of specificity.
30. Let me phrase these in terms of my criteria of necessity, sufficiency and specificity.
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