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Newsagent in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-04-21Updated:2017-04-21
Similar words: agentreagentagent orangeindependent agencysageusagevisagemassageMeaning: n. someone who sells newspapers. random good picture
1 The newsagent is crowded, full of schoolchildren in uniform.
2 He returned with a Man from Mullingar, a newsagent who wanted a Halloween witch to hang up in his shop.
3 But if she couldn't have another baby the newsagent on the corner wanted some one in the mornings.
4 She'd been buying some sweets at a local newsagent minutes before the accident.
5 I hit home at a Liverpool city centre newsagent.
6 The baker and the newsagent were open and there was a light on in the Carabinieri station that stood between them.
7 The newsagent stood next to the bookmakers in a parade of dingy shops.
8 A young man who broke into a London newsagent after hours can't think of anything to steal apart from three top shelf adult magazines.
9 He used to wrok as a newsagent,( but now he is a teacher.
10 WHO 's the most dependable newsagent?
11 I also continued when the amateur newsagent! Small sun, we go where!
12 WHS has been trading since 1792 as a newsagent and stationer.
13 Newsagent: Michael, how's my fledgling paper boy doing, this fine pristine morning?
14 There has been a wave of theft from newsagent.
15 The newsagent sells all the computer monthlies.
16 Check out your newsagent and see what effort magazine publishers put into the design of their front covers.
17 Bethan, a 37-year-old newsagent, added: "Joe has been knocking around Wrexham for a number of years."
18 Five or six teenagers loiter in front of a newsagent, drinking shandy and smoking.
19 A poster for the local paper on the wall next to the newsagent claims boldly that another big cat has been seen.
20 Try to talk to parents with children at the proposed school, or to the local newsagent.
21 The other day I was in a hurry and struggling to get the right change out of my pocket for the newsagent.
22 At one end is the newspaper or magazine, delivered by the newsagent and paid for by the reader.
23 Our readers in Ireland, North and South can pick up their cards at their newsagent.
24 He greets an old woman as she peers through the window of Patel's newsagent shop.
25 The squad had picked up several copies from a local newsagent: would I like one?
26 The bank is on the corner. It, s opposite the newsagent.
27 Or when you buy a newspaper, take the time to have a friendly chat with the newsagent.
28 Campus facilities include a supermarket, a bakery, a bookshop and a newsagent , a hairdresser, a post office and two banks.
29 From today onwards, begin to find out the name of the people who serve you such as your postman and newsagent.
30 In 2003 two crooks in York attempted to rob a newsagent wearing homemade balaclavas, unfortunately they have forgotten to cut the eyeholes.
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