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Jaded in a sentence

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Sentence count:43+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-27Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: weariedSimilar words: dreadedaddedmindedcrowdeddeductiveextendedprovideddedicateMeaning: [dʒeɪdɪd] adj. 1. exhausted 2. dulled by surfeit. 
1. Here is a dish that will revive jaded palates.
2. You look very jaded; you need a holiday.
3. The concert should satisfy even the most jaded critic.
4. Perhaps some caviar can tempt your jaded palate.
5. I felt terribly jaded after working all weekend.
6. We had both become jaded, disinterested, and disillusioned.
7. Most citizens of Juarez are somewhat jaded to routine newspaper accounts of killings by rival drug lords or dueling gang members.
8. I felt like a jaded casting director as I banished him to the wastepaper bin.
9. She felt jaded and in need of emotional uplift.
10. New York musicians are jaded and tough.
11. Nope, we jaded couch potatoes are demanding more.
12. In Sly's jaded mood she seemed to be a living embodiment of freshness and vitality.
13. Mick Jagger arrived at the airport looking jaded after almost a year of touring.
14. To many New Yorkers, jaded by multimillion-dollar condos and wall-to-wall wealth, the salary request probably seems reasonable, maybe even low.
15. When it comes to politics I'm pretty jaded I don't believe anything that any politician says.
16. Maybe I'm just feeling kinda old and jaded.
17. The odoriferous spices stimulated her jaded appetite.
18. And I'm the one jaded U.
19. Flying is exciting the first time you do it, but you soon become jaded.
20. It was a meal to tempt even the most jaded palate.
21. Hence the need for a coalition government in Moscow that would have the credibility which Mr Gorbachev's jaded administration now lacks.
22. But many others in fast-lane urban populations seemed to grow more jaded and extreme as they grew older.
23. Nice curtains and matching scatter cushions do wonders for a jaded living room.
24. After two years of the same routine I was feeling jaded.
25. The beauty of St. Petersburg will impress even the most jaded tourist.
26. His limpid style and flashes of wit overcame Labour heckling( ), tickled the press and brought a smile to jaded Tory backbenchers.
27. The events of late July were certainly spectacular enough to satisfy even the most jaded critic.
28. Its vistas leave a warm and timeless imprint on even the most jaded memory.
29. Generation X, best known for its pierced bodies and jaded outlook, is more optimistic about Wall Street than previous generations.
30. They must n't worry; they must sleep and rest stole into their jaded bones.
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