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Evade in a sentence

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Sentence count:132+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-07Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: avoidbypassescapemissSimilar words: invadeprevailrelevantelevatorevaluategrievanceevaluationirrelevantMeaning: [ɪ'veɪd] v. 1. avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues) 2. escape, either physically or mentally 3. practice evasion 4. use cunning or deceit to escape or avoid. random good picture
1 If you try to evade paying your taxes you risk going to prison.
2 The released criminal always tries to evade the police.
3 They evade paying taxes by living abroad.
4 I could tell that he was trying to evade the issue .
5 Her response was simply to evade the problem altogether.
6 He managed to evade capture because of the breakdown of a police computer.
7 Delegates accused them of trying to evade responsibility for the failures of the past five years.
8 She was charged with conspiracy to evade taxes.
9 They left their villages to evade being press-ganged into the army.
10 He managed to evade capture and escaped over the border.
11 Employers will always try to find ways to evade tax.
12 He never sought to evade his responsibilities.
13 She is trying to evade all responsibility for her behaviour.
14 She managed to evade the police.
15 He managed to evade capture.
16 You're simply trying to evade the problem .
17 If fecundity continued to evade her, the question of responsibility was bound to come up sooner or later.
18 For two weeks they managed to evade the press.
19 They were, however, unable to evade their low social status.
20 But by thus trying to evade a threatening situation, she nearly gets destroyed by it.
21 The opponent launches a front kick, which you evade by stepping back.
22 Thieves could evade an efficient system by taking stolen cattle to another district for sale.
23 Hooligans often take care to evade police escorts and to slip into rival territories unobserved.
24 You needn't evade the question.
25 They claim that the wine is for personal use and so evade the duty.
26 The police have assured the public that the escaped prisoners will not evade recapture for long.
27 The shooting happened while the man was trying to evade capture by the security forces.
28 I am using this fact as an excuse to evade the problem and leave it out of the classification altogether.
29 Today,[] these taxes are still levied by many Third World governments because they are straight forward to collect and hard to evade.
30 If it isn't to do with your feelings about me, what other issue can you be trying to evade?
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