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Recalcitrant in a sentence

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Synonym: fractiousrefractorySimilar words: calciumrecallrecantfranticallytransplanttransatlanticarbitratearbitraryMeaning: [rɪ'kælsɪtrənt] adj. 1. stubbornly resistant to authority or control 2. marked by stubborn resistance to authority. random good picture
1. The danger is that recalcitrant local authorities will reject their responsibilities.
2. The University suspended the most recalcitrant demonstraters.
3. Struggling with this recalcitrant material, the director, an unreconstructed romantic, slapped on the atmosphere with a lavish hand.
4. Reality is a much more tedious, recalcitrant beast than was ever dreamed of in Phil Redmond's philosophy for Brookside.
5. They discovered spectator peer pressure, fans nudging recalcitrant neighbors to participate.
6. It was intended to pressure a recalcitrant attorney general into authorizing the appointment of an independent counsel by a designated court.
7. Once again, he shuffled the recalcitrant deck, smiling too broadly,[] compelling their attention.
8. Yet already they were ungrateful recalcitrant children, escaping from him in all directions, capable of forming new friendships and attachments.
9. There were hopeful signs from one recalcitrant state.
10. But even the most recalcitrant could embrace one of the chesterfields or comfy cardigans.
11. On top of this, dealing with recalcitrant debtors can be very frustrating, but where do you vent your feelings?
12. It was suggested that desiccation sensitivity in recalcitrant wampee seeds was related to the metabolism of nucleic acids and proteins.
13. Indeed, those recalcitrant minor key songs that defy generalization about the link between tonality and mood may tell us something more important about music than the ones that conform.
14. He left Malmo in his private jet without his recalcitrant caddie.
15. We giggled as we struggled to fit the final recalcitrant eye into the final unbending hook.
16. He is not a matey deity who shines a flashlight into some dark corner of his recalcitrant universe on demand.
17. Some sat in the back rows of the chapel like recalcitrant fourth-formers.
18. The phone exchanges were manned by civilians, and they were being more recalcitrant in responding as the night wore on.
19. Discovering the way of course takes us back to your recalcitrant dealers.
20. Mark Wigglesworth has a smile which would beam the most recalcitrant string section into bowing with bravura.
21. Employers brought maximum pressure to bear on workers in order to restore order: recalcitrant strikers faced lock-outs.
22. The threat of physical punishment or death was ever present, and it was invoked without hesitation against the recalcitrant and disrespectful.
23. Second, and more important, even nobles who were determined to be recalcitrant expressed their recalcitrance in many different ways.
24. For a fleeting moment Gina almost felt sorry for Hanne's recalcitrant son.
25. Each carried a whip and flaming torch with which to chivy both mortal offenders and recalcitrant gods.
26. Mayor Willie Brown, rather than accepting the challenge, shifted the onus back on recalcitrant neighbors.
27. They went up the track with Piper dragging his heels like a recalcitrant child.
28. Plus, a case study demonstrates that efalizumab may also be useful for recalcitrant atopic eczema.
29. The ministry of justice has purged the courts of recalcitrant judges, too.
30. Questions about norms and spectra are likely to be recalcitrant.
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