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Influx in a sentence

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Antonym: effluxSimilar words: influenceinfluentialinflamedinflationinflammationinflammatoryluxurysubluxationMeaning: ['ɪnflʌks] n. the process of flowing in. random good picture
1. The hotel has received a large influx of guests.
2. The country sealed its borders to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants.
3. The influx of tourists has reached its summer peak.
4. Textile workers favoured protection because they feared an influx of cheap cloth.
5. The festival is accompanied by a huge influx of tourists.
6. Turkey is expecting an influx of several thousand refugees over the next few days.
7. The sudden influx of visitors is straining hotels in the town to the limit.
8. There was a sudden influx of household electric products onto the market.
9. The country simply cannot absorb this influx of refugees.
10. The influx of refugees has stretched the country's resources to the limit.
11. An influx of refugees has triggered off disturbances.
12. They thought an influx of students would lower the tone of the neighborhood.
13. The influx of energy would help explain the microwave background radiation.
14. In Leicester youth court[], the influx of 17-year-olds has doubled the number of juvenile offenders coming before magistrates.
15. Las Vegas benefited greatly from an influx of visitors, many of whom made stopovers on the way to Phoenix.
16. As the influx of settlers continued, the Nez Perce now stood alone.
17. Do you worry about a sudden influx of gay, married Hawaiians? 10.
18. Nor is it only an influx into London.
19. The impact of this recent influx of immigrants on education in the United States has been significant.
20. The sudden influx of families needing work and housing caused some problems at first.
21. Sediment influx was assessed on an organic-, carbonate- and biogenic opal-free, dry-weight basis.
22. Spending by tourists and retirees and an influx of new industry along the South Carolina coast are fueling much of the gain.
23. A critical factor appears to be the enhanced influx of external calcium which is taken up by the stores with two consequences.
24. The influx of refugees irritated the residents of Pusan.
25. They didn't know how they were going to cope with the sudden influx of refugees.
26. In the changed post-war conditions there was a great influx of civil servants into the political parties.
27. Despite this seemingly unattractive situation, there was a large influx of mining companies prospecting in the country in the late sixties.
28. It is probably as much to do with an influx of younger golfers and a falling away of the old guard.
29. Last season the figure was 40, and in 1989-90, the first sign of a large influx, it was 45.
30. Executives claim that the government is fouling up development by preventing the influx of badly needed computers.
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