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Executable in a sentence

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Sentence count:155Posted:2017-12-04Updated:2017-12-04
Similar words: executeexecutorexecutedexecutingexecutionexecutiveexecutionerexecutive orderMeaning: adj. capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are. random good picture
1. It is possible to attach executable program files to e-mail.
2. PKLite offers an alternative by compressing only executable files, that is the.
3. Overall, however, a good number of your executables can be reduced to as much as half their original size.
4. The advantage is that executables have full access to the computer when loaded.
5. Moreover (at least to me), Ruby achieves conciseness while still avoiding the "executable line noise" quality found in some Perl code.
6. Because of the diversity and flexibility of executable object codes for embedded system, disassembly result programs are hard to understand and structurized.
7. The Domino executable files were installed on a single internal drive along with the operating system.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. The development of an executable workflow is a key step in the on demand business process life cycle method.
9. Run dbx on the binary executable that caused the core dump.
10. A set of executable programs including those for line handling, terminal control, buffer management, queue control, etc.
11. When you develop executable source code files, you must include the DLL's header file.
12. As an executable process implementation language, the role of BPEL4WS is to define a new web service by composing a set of existing services.
13. XYZ/E is the first executable temporal logic language, which can represent both of the static and dynamic aspects of program. It can describe architecture in different abstract levels.
14. The software is a single executable file, no install after downloading, slimness, the latest version is only 330KB.
15. A relocatable file holds code and data suitable for linking with other object files to create an executable or a shared object file.
16. Based on the test methods for measuring vane pump performance parameters, a corresponding program executable on PC-1500 pocket computer is developed in this paper.
17. As an important part of the software reverse engineering, decompilation is playing a key role. in support of the executable code analyzing and maintaining.
18. The Addr2line tool (which is part of the standard GNU Binutils) is a utility that translates an instruction address and an executable image into a filename, function name, and source line number.
19. SIET extracts the size and starting address information of program global variables from the symbol section of ELF executable file.
20. Unfortunately, the memory protection mechanisms of the x86 processors (the most common processors) don't easily support this; normally if a page is readable, it's executable.
21. The files that contain the machine language instructions are called executable files.
22. Automation: The framework's underlying meta-model and mappings allow for the semi-automatic transformation of models, from higher to lower levels of abstractions, and eventually to executable code.
23. Having a single header file used by the DLL builder and the executable builder makes maintenance much easier.
24. The jextract tool produces a ZIP file that includes the original core dump, a processed representation of the dump, the Java executable, and the libraries used by the Java process.
25. Based on the corresponding state transition system of an XYZ/E executable program P, how to model its fault environment and obtain its fault affected program PF by fault transformation is illustrated.
26. We base on it to establish abstract model between the sequential executable codes and the register transfer level (RTL) description.
27. This is especially pernicious for cross-compiling, since you probably can't run an executable actually created with the cross compiler.
28. The paper mainly introduces a solution which shows how to carrying out binary executable code in interpreter language system.
29. However, although performing a client-side check of the file name can be useful, it does not guarantee that users cannot upload an unsafe file type, such as an executable file.
30. To build the message adapter, you need to compile the WBCSCUSD program and link it into an executable load module.
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