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Earthing in a sentence

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Sentence count:69Posted:2017-07-27Updated:2017-07-27
Similar words: farthingearthearthyearthendearthhearthon earthearthlyMeaning: [ɜːθ] n. fastening electrical equipment to earth. 
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1. There is no paradise on earth equal to the union of love and innocence. 
2. There is no paradise on earth equal to the union of love andd innocence. 
3. He wots not whether he bears the earth, or the earth him. 
4. Go where he will, the wise man is at home His harth the earth, his hall the azure dome. 
5. A silent tongue and true heart are the most admirable things on earth. 
6. All the treasures of the earth would not bring back one lost moment. 
7. Six feet of earth makes all men equal. 
8. The governmet of the people, by the people,[] and for the poeple shall not perish from the earth. 
9. On earth there is nothing great but man; in the man there is nothing great but mind. 
10. Peace on earth and good will towards men. 
11. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. 
12. We are like wheat, here on earth to ripen. We ripen intellectually by letting in as much of the universe's complexity as we can. Morally we ripen by making our choices. And we ripen spiritually by openig our eyes to Creation's endless detail. 
13. On earth there is nothing great but man, in man there is nothing great but mind. 
14. The earth revolves on its axis.
15. The workers poked a pole into the earth.
16. If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it. Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth. ——Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
17. He is ready to do anything on earth to better his fortunes.
18. Venus is of the same size as Earth.
19. The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.
20. We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, life on earth cannot survive.
21. This article discusses and summarizes some earthing methods, such as the power source earth, the transmitter earth and the antenna anti-radar earth for the medium wave broadcast equipment.
22. The realization of low earthing resistance design in high resistance rate places is emphasized, such as stony soil, gravel, rock and so on.
23. He is careful earthing up the saplings so that they can withstand the imminent storm.
24. To solve the problem of locating the multipoint earthing of the transformer core, two novel methods, named as high-frequency method and travelling-wave method, are analyzed and compared in detail.
25. Zero-sequence transient energy is calculated for low earthing resistance and single-phase transient energy for high earthing resistance.
26. An earthing device of overtension protection will be introduced.
27. The words spoke truth; shivered up and down inside her, earthing right down to the OK Corral.
28. The second class cable ? suitable for more the earthing ? block time and more better insulated performa.
29. The results shows severe field distortion at conductor and earthing top of insulator which stress is in more than 10 times higher than at central part due to effect of distributed capacitance of H.
30. In the high resistivity area, it is very difficult to reduce the earthing resistance to the given value.
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