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Unearthly in a sentence

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Synonym: eerieghostlyoddpeculiarqueerspookystrangesupernaturaluncannyweirdwildSimilar words: unearthon earthnear toearthhearthearthydearthearthwormMeaning: adj. 1. concerned with or affecting the spirit or soul 2. suggesting the operation of supernatural influences. 
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1. All of a sudden we heard an unearthly cry.
2. For a few seconds we watched the unearthly lights on the water.
3. I was woken up at some unearthly hour of the morning by someone knocking on my door.
4. His eyes shone with an unearthly light.
5. Why should I get up at this unearthly hour?
6. The job involved getting up at some unearthly hour to catch the first train.
7. Cats' cries have an unearthly quality.
8. He suggested a meeting at some unearthly hour of the morning.
9. She heard the sirens scream their unearthly wail.
10. The sound was so serene that it seemed unearthly.
11. In my dreams, the sled had an unearthly quality and we slid into an abyss.
12. It was unearthly and he didn't like it,[sentencedict .com] not one little bit.
13. Rodomonte hardly noticed the magnificent, unearthly architecture preserved so beautifully away from the squalls of the less temperate zones.
14. In an unearthly pink light the stage labored on the grade ahead of them.
15. Adams's shapes glow with an unearthly light.
16. The cabin was surrounded by an unearthly green light.
17. His face is unearthly - eyes glazed in concentration, cheekbones and jaw protruding floodlit from heavy black shadows.
18. Clytemnestra let out an unearthly keening howl, her lips snarling back and her tail a stiff prolongation of her backbone.
19. She was a lady of unearthly beauty who married a Count of Anjou and bore him four children.
20. Wordless, it rises and falls in hemidemisemitones of unearthly misery. The dirge of the damned. Edward Abbey 
21. Chivalry, pure and passionless women, unearthly beauty: the high Southern fantasy possessed them.
22. They arranged to meet in Riverside Park at the unearthly hour of seven in the morning.
23. At that rugged face, shadowed by darkness, into the unearthly blue of his eyes.
24. From the top of the dunes, the landscape was unearthly.
25. Beyond the doorway the dim light flared suddenly, illuminating the fleeing rats with an unearthly orange glow.
26. So it goes south to Gath, but it takes the plague with it, together with an unearthly confusion and terror.
27. Tofu by texture is what jellyfish are made of, all soft and squishy and unearthly.
28. But La Paca was better known for her claim to a higher, unearthly power.
29. Grand CanyonA famous American John Muir said in 1898: The Grand Canyon as unearthly in the color and grandeur and quantity of its architecture as if you had found it after death on some other star.
30. In the rays of the late afternoon sun, every well-remembered field and forest grove was green and still, with an unearthly quiet that struck terror to Scarlett's heart.
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