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Dimensionality in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-11-30Updated:2017-11-30
Similar words: dimensionalone-dimensionaltwo-dimensionalunidimensionaldimensional analysisthree-dimensionalmultidimensionalthree dimensionalMeaning: n. the spatial property of having dimensions. 
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(1) So conclusion which correlation dimensionality and largest Lyapunov exponent can be used as synthesis quantify index to depict mechanical fault characteristic of generator set is educed.
(2) This approach could overcome the curse of dimensionality caused by state space division effectively and make the system structure always stay the optimal status.
(3) Then, using the thought of equal dimensionality vectors improves the radial basis network.
(4) This method can overcome the curse of dimensionality.
(5) In this paper we proposed a new method, dimensionality reduction with DCT, and further provided the method of similarity search about range query and nearest neighbor query.
(6) Because edge detection reduces image dimensionality, the total iterative computation pixels are only 0.88 percent of that of the original algorithm.
(7) A novel method for dimensionality reduction of kernel matrix is presented.
(8) Data set size, dimensionality and sparsity have been identified as aspects that make cluster more difficult.
(9) In this paper, a new dimensionality reduction method for calculating the radiant heat transfer with two dimensional characteristics was defined on the basis of a plane angle.
(10) In order to reduce the "curse of dimensionality" faced by the traditional indexing method at high dimensionality, a new MRVA-File (Multi-Resolution Vector Approximation File) approach is proposed.
(11) By using the lowering dimensionality expansions, we construct boundary type cubature formulas with the algebraic precision for integrals.
(12) This phenomenon is called dimensionality curse.
(13) In practice the objective of the dimensionality of the capability of obtaining satisfying revenue conforms to the investor practical investment project appraisal request.
(14) Detail, focus, dimensionality, transparency[ ], dynamic expression and subtlety all improved significantly.
(15) Tamayo said he would, but only if Remba could invent a process that would allow them to have a relief-like dimensionality.
(16) But mining in high dimensional data is extraordinarily difficult because of the curse of dimensionality.
(17) It is proved that such indices can hardly do faster than linear scan for the sake of high dimensionality .
(18) IF THE LEVEL I MULTIVERSE was hard to stomach, try imagining an infinite set of distinct Level I multiverses, some perhaps with different spacetime dimensionality and different physical constants.
(19) Entity theory was opposite to incremental theory, and they were two inverse poles of the same dimensionality .
(20) They could be used directly as a projection basis to reduce dimensionality, but it needs to consider how to convolve them properly with the data you want to project.
(21) Difference - similitude Matrix - based ( DSM ) method reduces dimensionality a great extend.
(22) The Datas have some traits, such as small samples, high dimensionality, non linearity, too.
(23) And on the basis of pedagogic and psychologic theories, the criteria dimensionality of a well-conducted lesson have been constructed.
(24) A criterion was built to judge a bottleneck in customization dimensionality where a customization factor can't be isolated from other elements in the design matrix.
(25) Helin believes the confucianism needs to take up the spirit of christianism to bring into play for its lack in religious dimensionality .
(26) These regenerative and beneficial relationships give a system complexity dimensionality, and thus, resiliency.
(27) Express the unit and dimension for the electric field in terms of unit and dimensionality of charges, if we take the permittivity of the empty space as dimensionless quantity.
(28) Philosophy of education is the most unique and novel dimensionality of Dewey's thought.
(29) Then, a law is brought forward that critical probability and correlative length exponent values decrease with the increase in the dimensionality of a system.
(30) Multivariate data sets suffer from the problem of representation, since a dimensionality above 3 is beyond the capability of plotting programs.
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