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Two-dimensional in a sentence

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Sentence count:225Posted:2017-09-28Updated:2017-09-28
Similar words: dimensionalone-dimensionaldimensional analysisthree-dimensionalmultidimensionaldimensiondimensionsembodimentMeaning: adj. 1. involving two dimensions 2. lacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth. random good picture
1 I found the characters very two-dimensional, not to say dull.
2 The novel was criticized for its two-dimensional characters .
3 A square is two-dimensional and a cube is three-dimensional.
4 It appeared to be an old two-dimensional film presentation; an old fashioned oil-driven military vehicle was speeding across a verdant green field.
5 Figure 3.1 shows one two-dimensional surface, a spherical surface; and Fig. 3.2 shows another,[] a cylindrical surface.
6 To see why, think of the two-dimensional rubber balloon universe with pebbles stuck to it to represent the galaxies.
7 In the case of a two-dimensional spherical surface it would simply reproduce the sphere.
8 These options include drawing and painting skills, two-dimensional design, ceramics, fabric crafts, and fashion.
9 It dutifully underscores the mosaic imagery of flat, two-dimensional space and silhouetted figures.
10 This relation generalizes for all two-dimensional surfaces to become where K is again the Gaussian curvature.
11 The convention of indicating three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional medium by various forms of shading and hatching.
12 Its relationship both to the Gaussian curvature of two-dimensional surfaces and to tidal forces is discussed.
13 Think of the two-dimensional rubber balloon universe.
14 These two-dimensional planes cutting through nine-dimensional genetic space give some feeling for what it means to walk through Biomorph Land.
15 Figure 21.5 shows its distribution in a two-dimensional wake.
16 For example, two-dimensional animals living on a one-dimensional earth would have to climb over each other in order to get past each other.
17 Watching something two-dimensional gradually turn into something three-dimensional.
18 One simple measurement reveals whether a two-dimensional surface is curved and determines the sign of curvature.
19 I didn't believe in any of the characters in the book - they were somehow two-dimensional.
20 Our visual world is an immediately present one of colours and flat two-dimensional shapes.
21 In Chapter 3 examples of the geometry of curved spaces are discussed, beginning with two-dimensional surfaces.
22 How much more pertinent is this observation when applied to sculpture rather than the two-dimensional illusionism of painting.
23 In fact it provides more because it yields the curvature K of any two-dimensional surface.
24 For those afflicted with the notion that national politics is on the level and two-dimensional, the following yarn is logical.
25 And then I would be overcome with a hilarity which made everything I saw comic, two-dimensional, utterly without significance.
26 Now they each had a picture which they examined and re-examined, trying to breathe life into the two-dimensional image.
27 The mean velocity also varies vertically, and we shall confine attention to two-dimensional flow.
28 How can one scale up from what can be counted in a two-dimensional section to the three dimensions of living tissue?
29 These artists manipulate paper pulp to make sculptures, reliefs, embossed and two-dimensional work.
30 For the moment just note that electron spin provides a second example of a two-dimensional state vector space in quantum mechanics.
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