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One-dimensional in a sentence

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Sentence count:110Posted:2017-08-10Updated:2017-08-10
Similar words: three-dimensionaldimensionalmultidimensionaldimensiondimensionssedimentationpedimentsedimentMeaning: adj. 1. relating to a single dimension or aspect; having no depth or scope 2. of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension. random good picture
1. For a one-dimensional flow, the only possible attractor is a stable fixed point or sink.
2. Emphasis is placed on one-dimensional systems, but flat plate problems are also discussed.
3. These chain structures may be regarded as one-dimensional macromolecules.
4. The one-dimensional man, whose life collapsed upon retirement[], was as anachronistic as the manual typewriter.
5. The characters are one-dimensional, and none of the action is faithful to any psychological motivation.
6. To endorse one-dimensional submission is to reject the whole counsel of Scripture.
7. For example, two-dimensional animals living on a one-dimensional earth would have to climb over each other in order to get past each other.
8. The Frankenstein creature is kid stuff horror: one-dimensional, mundane, bumbling, awkward, clumsily destructive.
9. High-level culture became one-dimensional together with reality. Marcuse raised his salvation theory-"Utopia" progressivism.
10. Self - assembly of diblock copolymers under one-dimensional planar and three -dimensional spherical confinements was studied using self-consistent field theory (SCFT).
11. In this paper, the propagative form of one-dimensional solitary waves in splay-mode and bend-mode are discussed in detail.
12. This formalism is simply described as a one-dimensional Fourier integral. And it can be directly applied to the near-field simulation of the nanometer laser knife.
13. The frequency band gaps of one-dimensional comb-like waveguide photonic crystals were investigated.
14. Using the one-dimensional approximation model, numerically calculates the chip processing for band switch diode and presents a more reasonable design proposal.
15. Following the same route to study the one-dimensional quasiperiodic sequences, we first establish two kinds of tight-binding models for Galois sequence: the on-site model and the transfer model.
16. Thereby, one-dimensional or multidimensional attribute of call events is displayed simultaneously through the invention.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. The research on charge solitons in a one-dimensional mesoscopic tunnel junction array is a basic problem in mesoscopic physics.
18. The characters in his novels tend to be rather one-dimensional.
19. I think the one thing I have noticed, he is a bit one-dimensional on the draw.
20. In the 1970s the search for a room temperature superconductor led chemists to look at one-dimensional organic conductors and semiconductors.
21. However, we shall be wanting also to express the specification of the device in a linear one-dimensional form.
22. For this, the particles must be considered as point particles, i. e. having one-dimensional world-lines.
23. Stuart tries to treat all his characters as people with challenging lives rather than as one-dimensional storytelling devices.
24. The character of the Thief is of unrelieved grossness and barbarity, and Michael Gambon turns in a resolutely one-dimensional performance.
25. Munro never lets you get away with a facile, one-dimensional take.
26. Deep in her subconscious mind the image of Lotta became one-dimensional, faded, crumpled, ceased to exist.
27. The relationship between the Brix and the total soluble sugar content of sweet sorghum stalk juice was determined through one-dimensional linear regression.
28. Dispersion, cut off frequency and parasitic oscillation arc compared and analyzed systematically for Lumped-mass, Consistent-mass and Hybrid-mass one-dimensional finite element model.
29. The ponderous prose here has an underlying agenda that is very much akin to Voegelin's: it is something like the unidimensional totalitarianism Herbert Marcuse discussed in One-Dimensional Man.
30. Based on the measured wall static pressure, experimental data were interpreted using one-dimensional theoretical model combustion efficiency and total pressure recovery coefficient were obtained.
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