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Unidimensional in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2017-10-24Updated:2017-10-24
Similar words: multidimensionaldimensionaltwo-dimensionalone-dimensionaldimensional analysisthree-dimensionaldimensiondimensionsMeaning: [‚juːnɪdaɪ'menʃənl ,-dɪ-] adj. relating to a single dimension or aspect; having no depth or scope. 
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1. Some constructs might be unidimensional while others might tap to a number of distinct facets.
2. Wavelet has the good capability of expressing the unidimensional smooth partition signal, which is not suitable to express two-dimensional signal.
3. A market is often stratified and unidimensional, and many such stratified unidimensional markets put together make a multi dimensional market.
4. From Unidimensional Control to Differentiated Coordination.
5. This article adopts unidimensional optimization method to optimize the design, and optimum parameter can be attained.
6. Conclusion Multidimensional IRT is more appropriate than unidimensional IRT for the analysis and evaluation of multidimensional and short scale.
7. The result of this is that linguistic variation and change can appear to be unidimensional.
8. The ponderous prose here has an underlying agenda that is very much akin to Voegelin's: it is something like the unidimensional totalitarianism Herbert Marcuse discussed in One-Dimensional Man.
9. Gold does dance to its own tune, and it's not a unidimensional story of just the strength or weakness of the dollar.
10. It is a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent.
11. In this thesis, the author introduces 3 kinds of definition of unidimensional projective correspondence and proves their equivalence property.
12. As numerous complex factors that influence poverty and environmental degradation existed, so poverty-environmental linkages cannot be reduced to simple unidimensional cause-effect relationships.
12. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
13. At the same time, realpolitik can bite back, and China is learning some hard lessons about the way the world works, and how a unidimensional approach to OFDI may not be in its own best interests.
14. Based on theory of turbulent mass transferalongitudinal methane dispersion model andamodel of unidimensional nonsteady flowinmine ventilation networkwereestablished.
15. Especially, as com-pared with the 0.618 method and the parabolic function-fitting method, the double-secant line method makes the efficiency of the unidimensional search raise obviously.
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