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Voluntarily in a sentence

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Sentence count:160+8 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-03Updated:2017-04-03
Similar words: voluntaryinvoluntaryvolunteerwarilyprimarilyordinarilynecessarilytemporarilyMeaning: adv. out of your own free will. 
1. Some companies have already voluntarily disclosed similar information .
2. They will never voluntarily relinquish their independence.
3. He voluntarily surrendered to the police.
4. Last June, he closed his business voluntarily and signed his assets over to someone else.
5. He voluntarily surrendered himself to the police.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. He surrendered voluntarily to his enemies.
7. They subscribed materials voluntarily.
8. He made the promise quite voluntarily.
9. They were said to have left their land voluntarily.
10. Susan worked in the studios voluntarily, to gain experience.
11. I would only leave here voluntarily if there was a big chance to work abroad.
12. He was not asked to leave—he went voluntarily.
13. We prefer you to work voluntarily rather than by coercion.
14. Steir voluntarily surrendered his license to the State.
15. As I was voluntarily unemployed, I wasn't entitled to benefit.
16. Of the rest, one left voluntarily because he was bored with his job, and one because of her pregnancy.
17. They invited state employees to voluntarily submit proposals for projects to improve performance.
18. Most fare very badly in captivity and are voluntarily banned from being brought into the country by most of the large importers.
19. Volenti non fit injuria means that the plaintiff voluntarily agrees to undertake the legal risk of harm at his own expense.
20. Other young people left voluntarily to seek work and earn money, viewed as more important than education.
21. At that time, enough members paid their dues voluntarily to keep services going.
22. The fund is voluntarily administered.
23. The enemy besieged in a few strongholds capitulated on the condition that they would be granted to return home voluntarily.
24. Four people who sought refuge in the Italian embassy have left voluntarily.
25. It happens every year and no department of the council will cut its costs voluntarily.
26. Creed stepped inside and closed both doors again, feeling as if he'd just voluntarily shut himself up in a cell.
27. She felt suddenly, confusedly, a little like a man who had voluntarily passed a death sentence on himself.
28. Between 30 and 50 percent of constituency management committees voluntarily consulted their full membership before casting their votes.
29. One stands on the threshold of miracles that one can not create voluntarily....
30. Officially, they maintained they are moving on a ratings system voluntarily.
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