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Warily in a sentence

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Sentence count:44+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Similar words: primarilytemporarilyverilyangrilyperildrillshrillthrillMeaning: adv. in a wary manner. random good picture
1, She studied me warily, as if I might turn violent.
2, She eyed him warily .
3, They approached the stranger warily.
4, She looked warily at him, her pulses sounding an alarm, and was taken aback when he suddenly began to laugh.
5, She regarded me warily from under a fringe of split ends.
6, Self-assured as ever, Abdullah's watchful eyes moved warily, arrogantly.
7, Both sides have reacted warily to the mounting pressure to force her to testify.
8, She eyed me warily.
9, It circled the small clearing warily, catching the light and jerking as it did so, moving quickly into shadow.
10, The two teams eyed each other warily,[] waiting for the game to begin.
11, As I warily got to my feet I felt a compulsion to retrace my steps in the direction of Jock's trench.
12, He warily gazed around at his detractors, fully aware that any slim camaraderie they shared was likely to smolder as well.
13, The cat eyed him warily.
14, The Doctor and his party watched warily as the three ghostly figures beckoned with one digit of their three fingered hands.
15, He watched warily as the little fat chap with bits of paper in his hat leapt to his feet.
16, The physician warily glanced over the shoulder of the chief and recognized Tomahas, a man neighbors called the Murderer.
17, Kunta warily smelled the stew before tasting it.
18, " We will judge warily,'said Bellingham, " and look well what we are about to do.
19, The hikers climbed warily up the dangerous path.
20, The wolves warily approached the camp fire looking for food.
21, The sailor watched the sky warily.
22, New Zealand fur seals swim warily above a great white shark, the largest predatory fish in the seas.
23, Tread warily; destiny does not await you.
24, " Come on, the coast is clear! " he called to Miss Carter. She entered slowly, leaning warily round the side of the door.
25, Then, with a single gesture, the three waiting figures smoothed back their hair and advanced warily to meet him.
26, In fact, it seemed to me that Lisa was aware of a good deal and was treading warily, terrified of alienating anyone.
27, As she pulled on a tan leather blouson, she eyed me warily, and I returned the compliment.
28, The cats, for their part , regarded the chicken warily.
29, There were a lot of books to sell. She checked them warily for yellow notes, and found only marginalia.
30, Veronica was less apt now, Les sensed, to be languid; she carried her wide-hipped, rangy body warily, as if it might detonate.
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