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Collimate in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2017-03-25Updated:2017-03-25
Similar words: climateacclimateclimate changecollidecollisionacclimatisetorticolliscollateMeaning: ['kɒlɪmeɪt] v. 1. make or place parallel to something 2. adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument). random good picture
1. Collimate and coupling technique is the key technology of MOEMS optical array.
2. International luxury brands collimate Chinese market, luxury-related expositions turn to be China-hosted, and the scale of luxury consumption of China bounded into worldly tops.
3. An incandescent bulb and fiber were used to collimate light into this speedometer indicator.
4. The non-spherical lens is another shaping system that is used to collimate the beam of LD, and the theoretic performance could be perfect.
5. An optical pickup generates spherical aberration in a laser light emitted from a semiconductor laser becoming a light source by moving, in the direction of the optical path, a collimate lens.
6. By using the light ray vector method, the elliptic-section cylinder lenses have been designed to collimate the semiconductor laser beam.
7. Today's LEDs have reflector cups and focusing optics to focus and collimate their output.
8. Dr. Donald Frush, chief of pediatric radiology at the Duke University School of Medicine, said that failing to properly cone, or collimate, the radiation was rare.
9. To meet the technical requirements of KM6 solar simulator optical adjustment system, two kinds of schemes are put forward to collimate the semiconductor laser beam.
10. In this OPU, we use a triplet lens to collimate the laser beam.
11. The primary function of the optical transmit antenna is to collimate far-field divergence of the laser beam and reduce the size of the laser beam in .
11. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
12. With the computer simulation, the elliptic section cylinder lenses have been designed and used to collimate the semi-conductor laser beam .
13. O says there is already evidence of hales problems related to collimate change .
14. The lens may take a variety of shapes, including Fresnel features, and may focus, collimate, or defocus the ultrasonic energy.
15. The W. H. O says there is already evidence of hales problems related to collimate change.
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