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Intimately in a sentence

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Synonym: closelynearlywellSimilar words: ultimatelyintimateapproximatelyultimateestimateestimatedlegitimatepenultimateMeaning: adv. 1. in a close manner 2. with great or especially intimate knowledge. random good picture
1. The history of tobacco growing is intimately associated with colonialism and slavery.
2. The survival of whales is intimately bound up with the health of the ocean.
3. He knew the town intimately.
4. Property and equities are intimately connected in Hong Kong.
5. She was intimately involved in the project.
6. The two aspects are intimately connected.
7. I am intimately acquainted with the state of my bank account.
8. She's been intimately involved in the project since it began.
9. Our voices are intimately connected with the way we live our lives.
10. By mixing the varieties intimately within the field, the spread of a fungal infection can be drastically slowed.
11. Hence the study of primitive culture is intimately bound up with that of primitive religion.
12. The nematode generations are intimately connected with those of their hosts.
13. Death, with which they lived so intimately, could not be detached from their lives as an object of contemplation.
14. His work is intimately concerned with epistemological questions.
15. Successive governments have declared that science is intimately linked with national wealth.
16. They are intimately connected, for as this chapter will show, acceptance of monetary union implies defacto acceptance of political union.
17. He was — what is the phrase I'm looking for — not intimately acquainted with his subject.
18. He did not feel he had got to know them intimately.
19. It was the first time they had attempted to talk intimately.
20. You have to be willing to get to know yourself and your partner intimately.
21. Victoria was a fiery mystic, a Stanford graduate who intimately understood the ward politics of San Francisco.
22. In one way, the novel is a final triumph of realism, representing character more inwardly and intimately than ever previously.
23. The only way to write well for an instrument and exploit its full potentials is to know it intimately well.
24. Consider the circumstances: the pope had ended the Council with two final anathemas which were intimately connected with Anselm's situation.
25. If the firm gets into difficulty, its bankers become intimately involved in restructuring or liquidating the firm.
26. Natural gas fed through the spud drillings are rapidly and intimately mixed with combustion air flowing through the burner throat.
27. Normally this activity is not noticed by the investing public[], only by those market professionals intimately concerned with the gilt-edged market.
28. Animal dung is spread by birds, devoured by insects, bacteria, and earthworms and mixed intimately into the topsoil.
29. I probably knew about half a dozen gay people intimately.
30. Therefore the possibility of there being a natural monopoly is intimately related to the assumptions regarding potential entrant behaviour.
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