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Sinusoidally in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2020-03-16Updated:2020-03-16
Similar words: sinusoidalsinusoidal wavesinusoidellipsoidalethmoid sinussinussinusescuboidalMeaning: adv. in a sinusoidal manner. 
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1. AIM: To study the distribution of the sinusoidally time-varying electromagnetic fields in our single measurement channel of magnetic induction tomography (MIT).
2. Liquid dispersion process with a sinusoidally vibrated jet was investigated. The course of deformation and breaking of liquid jet from the nozzle was recorded and studied via a holographic technique.
3. Three types of loading conditions, namely, sinusoidally distributed load, line load and moving point load, were considered in numerical examples to investigate the performance of the control model.
4. If the frequency of a laser is modulated sinusoidally, the first harmonic component of saturated absorption signal can be used as error signal to stabilize the frequency of the laser.
5. When this Doppler shift is converted to relative velocity it turns out that the velocity varies sinusoidally with time.
6. Although it is not strictly necessary, most work is done with stimuli that vary sinusoidally in space or time.
7. The alternating transverse force makes the free electrons move sinusoidally, radiating photons in the forward direction.
8. On the other hand, the flow friction varies periodically and sinusoidally with the dimensionless time, while it is independent of the pulsating frequency.
9. For simplicity,( we assume E to be in the X direction and to vary sinusoidally in the Y direction.
10. Numerical solution shows the entanglement density depends on time varying sinusoidally about a cycle-averaged value that is regarded as a consequence of an equivalent steady shear rate.
11. In a normal alternating current power system, the voltage varies sinusoidally at a specific frequency, usually 50 or 60 hertz.
12. Objective To investigate whether there are any differences in auditory steady state responses to single or simultaneously multiple sinusoidally amplitude modulated tones stimuli.
13. These models use a simulated input transducer that vibrates purely sinusoidally with a fixed frequency.
14. A synchronously pumped mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser(EDFL) was obtained when the pump semiconductor laser(LD) current is modulated sinusoidally at the appropriate frequency.
15. The results also show that the transient pressure drop varies sinusoidally, but periodic averaged pressure drop is close to the steady case.
16. Laser range finders are often based on the phase shift method, a technique for measuring distances in the following way. A laser beam with sinusoidally modulated optical power is sent to a target.
17. The model established in this paper puts forward two situations, a linearly and a sinusoidally skewed annulus.
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