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Pearl powder in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2024-02-02Updated:2024-02-02
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1. Black is most important is to clean, with pearl powder added to the cleanser in the morning and evening to wash a black center, less than 3 minutes, Black will soon increase.
2. Ingredients: Rose essence oil, ultraviolet radiation absorbefacient, super-tiny pearl powder, natural beautifying and whitening agent, Vitamin C Extraction.
3. How to distinguish between nanometer pearl powder and ordinary pearl powder?
4. Pearl Powder prevents pigmentation, filters the sun's rays, and contains a natural moisturizer, proteins, vitamin B complex and polysaccharides which strengthen the muscles and metabolism.
5. Diaper dermatitis; Multifunctional microwave therapeutic instrument; Pearl powder mixture; Neonate; Treat; Nursing.
6. Will long - term intake of nanometer pearl powder lead to concretion?
7. Main ingredients: senior pearl powder, chamomile fructus rosae oil , marigold and extract of olive leaf.
8. When is the best time to take nanometer pearl powder?
9. Heavy metals including Pb and Cd in Pearl powder were determined by GFAAS.
10. May I use nanometer pearl powder together with other acid cosmetic?
11. Pearl powder releasee characteristics was slowly in ophthalmic. Solid substances of compound traditional Chinese medicine absorption in the eyes could adopt these testing methods of determinat.
12. The Nature Brand Pearl powder of our factory is made of unadulterated natural medicinal materials.
13. Main ingredients: senior pearl powder, vitamins, seaweed, moistening factor and moisture - restore factor.
14. Active component: nanometer titanium pigment, pearl powder, NMF humectant , squalane, beeswax, etc.
15. Main ingredients: pearl powder, crystal active gold, ginseng extract, ganoderma extract etc.
16. The invention provides a nail polish which comprises components such as phthalide leuco dye, acetone, developer, pearl powder and diluter.
17. Powder materials suitable for a variety of bags, such as milk powder, flour, soy flour, powder, seasoning powder, pearl powder. Suitable for large.
18. It has better cure rate to scald with a shorter treating course as said dragon's blood has astriction and blood-nourishing function, and said pearl powder is rich in nutrients for nourishing skin.sentence dictionary
19. Product ingredients: The main ingredients are Chinese Medicine: Musk, Nanometer Pearl Powder, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Acacia Honey, combined with Far-Infrared Energy Technology.
20. Objective: To study the effects of microwave therapeutic instrument and pearl powder mixture on neonatal diaper dermatitis.
21. Powder materials suitable for a variety of bags, such as milk powder, flour, soy flour, powder, seasoning powder, pearl powder.
22. Vegetable oil pearl eye treatment mask: One spoon of natural vegetable oil (olive oil or almond oil etc), mixed with 0.15 gram of Osmun nanometer pearl powder. Apply them around the eyes lightly.
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