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Motorial in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2018-02-03Updated:2018-02-03
Similar words: motoringmotorizemotoristmotorizedsensorimotortutorialpictorialsartorialMeaning: [məʊ'tɔːrɪəl]  adj. of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the CNS. 
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1. Purple: Have inhibition to motorial system, lymphatic system and heart system, can maintain the potassium balance inside body, make the person has safe feeling.
2. The motorial function recovery assessment was carried out every 15 days with the sciatic nerve function index(SFI) after 15 days to 6 months of operation.
3. Purple: Have depressive effect to motorial , lymphatic system and heart system, the balance of the Potassium inside tenability body, have promote quiet the feeling with love and care other.
4. Age is an indication of physical and motorial functions of human bodies .
5. Motorial yuan of ill pathogeny and how to treat?
6. Mind is clear, motorial conspicuous also.
7. Thirdly I introduce the system of motorial target track based on NMI feature, including the structure of system and the technique of movement partition and movement match.
8. In order to reduce the first cost and motorial components of the Libr absorption refrigerator, the thermosyphon is used to replacing the traditional mechanical pump.
9. This motorcyclist who is motorial is cycling in the motordrome.
10. Post - operative temporarily neurological deficits including aphasia , motorial and sensory disturbance presented in 8 patients, permanent deficit in 2.
11. As high temperature the temperature of exercise be caused by lifts gradually, can see nerve reflex is preclinical lengthen gradually, motorial stimulant reduce apparently.
11. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
12. To accomplish the entire detective process by devising X, Y, Z ternate-directional motorial machine.
13. The infant's tested behavior significantly correlates with intellectual and motorial development.
14. Dual threshold and Basing on model are used to detect gradual changes, and the change of motorial vectors is used to detect the motion of the camera.
15. Conclusion: The infant's tested behavior significantly correlates with intellectual and motorial development.
16. These ill caustic but root of the feeling of drag in whole body, motorial , nerve, spinal cord and own neurological.
17. Stapes flesh systole is to be involved sensory, feeling and motorial , place of nerve muscle connect and flesh fiber results of a series of complex physiology activity.
18. Fasting plasma glucose (FPG), lipid, haemorheological parameters, tibial and peroneal nerve motorial conduction velocity (T-PNMCV), the ulcer healing time were observed.
19. We will yield twice the result with half the effort if we quide our teaching through the principle of "Balance of the Body"in motorial mechanics.
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