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High bandwidth in a sentence

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(1) The programme will oblige us to invest in higher bandwidth communication equipment for data exchange between institutions.
(2) In data communications, a high bandwidth channel.
(3) It refers to a high bandwidth communications link.
(4) The high bandwidth and large number of sub-carriers used for DVB-T and DVB-H allow for the reduction of several kilohertz of spectrum around DC without noticeably degrading performance.
(5) PCI bus is high bandwidth, being independent of CPU, high capacity bus. The bus interface controller design is its key techniques to application .
(6) The voice coil motor(VCM) in high bandwidth actuator assembly has special voice coil construction and magnet arrangement.
(7) Overall, broadband access technology is developing towards high bandwidth, fiber and wireless.
(8) Give an example of a network that exhibits high bandwidth and high latency.
(9) Due to high bandwidth resource requirement, how to support the digital video cassette recorder (VCR) functionality is a key problem in practical video on demand(VOD) systems.
(10) Backbones -- the high bandwidth, high speed data communication lines between supporting hosts or nets.
(11) Some problems in realizing the "high bandwidth, low latency" of interconnection system are solved to increase the interconnection communication ability and efficiency.
(12) The set - top devices access a high bandwidth pipe, but two - way interaction is currently limited.
(13) FSO communication has many advantages, for example, high bandwidth, strong interference immunity, simple installation, no need frequency examination, and so on.
(14) Simulation results show that good realtime property and high bandwidth utilization are realized with this algorithm.
(15) In data centers, fiber is used where high bandwidth, interference resistance, and distance are required characteristics.
(16) ADSL delivers high bandwidth where you need it and only uses a single copper pair.
(17) Results show that the new system has a high bandwidth, low latency, expansibility, large-scale, high security and low cost so that it is suitable for a mass storage system.
(18) The combination of high bandwidth and 100% channel availability will make it feasible to handle these types of applications in a token-ring environment.
(19) The system will handle not only telephone calls and data messages but other signals that need high bandwidth, for instance those that encode TV pictures.
(20) Network capacity is being expanded to meet the growing demand for high bandwidth products.
(21) For an SOA with an active region with a wide material gain spectrum, an optimal antireflection coating helps to realize an SOA-based incoherent optical source with a high bandwidth and good flatness.
(22) Most of the wireless communication systems are required to achieve least adjacent channel emissions and high bandwidth efficiency, that is to say signals must be transmitted in a limited band.
(23) This protocol not only allocates upstream bandwidth dynamically, but also has the consistency of traffic management, high bandwidth efficiency and low cell delay.
(24) Simulation results prove that the algorithm is characteristic of low average package delay and high bandwidth utilization.
(25) So, the trends of implementing image and video signal processor on FPGA for its modularization, programmable and high bandwidth characteristics are obvious.
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