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Glutin in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2020-05-14Updated:2020-05-14
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1. The amino acid that lies in glutin has a basic function with silver halide sensitive emulsion.
2. Objective : To study the effect of glutin sponge to dura mater of spinal cord in dogs.
3. The bioactivity of GLP-1 was conserved with glutin as inner water phase, but in the course of in vitro release, the specific activity of GLP-1 in the microspheres decreased a little.
4. Objective Through glutin lining cuvette wall , to investigate the anti-cruor function of glutin in-vitro.
5. It was conclusion that abomasum glutin infusion could increase total opioid-like bioactivity of abomasal digesta and improve rumen metabolism and endocrine of sheep.
6. The MJG series glutin purifier is development according to the needs of examination place.
7. L-ascorbic acid, trehalose, and glutin can significantly increase the Tg of wheat dough.
8. Concentrate on glutin and cellulose acetate as carrier to immobilization and cross-linked urease congeries to immobilization, which have no carrier.
9. With glutin and Arabic gelatin gum for the membrane material and jasmine essence for the core, microcapsules are prepared in this experiment through complex coacervation.
10. The change trends of glutin isoelectric point after treated with THPC, formaldehyde and chrome salt were researched and the results showed that the tanning property of THPC was good.
11. The debridement and neoplasty of liver plus epiploon tamponade or suturation are very effective but it is unadvisable to use a great deal of glutin sponge separately.
12. The composite stabilizing agent is prepared from raw materials including glycerin, glutin, potassium sorbate and sodium hyposulfite by blending and stirring.
13. The effects of some commonly-used fruit wine clarifiers including pectase, SO2, glutin and PVPP etc.
14. Collagenase is one kind of enzymes that can degrade native helical collagen fibrils or glutin but not degrade others proteins.
15. Methods: As the agent of adhibiting tissue section, white latex and glutin were used in the immunohistochemical process of celloidin section.
16. An experiment was made to study degradation of elastin, glutin , casein, soybean-extracted protein, bovine serum albumin and egg albumin by extracellular elastase of bacterial strains.
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17. This papers studies different radiation dosages and different proportions between glutin and MA to graft polymerization reaction influence.
18. The effects of several clarifiers materials including DHG-1015, bentonite, PVPP, egg white, casein and glutin in white grape wine and claret were compared.
19. The protein-based degradable plastic films were prepared by solution casting method with the well-dispersed solution of glutin, inorganic fillers and composite plasticizers.
20. Several food additives, e. g. , L-ascorbic acid, trehalose, and glutin can significantly increase the Tg of wheat dough.
21. METHODS For preparing Danshen Injection, to be deposited by glutin . We investigated a large of samples by HPLC to build up the specific chromatogram for ensuring the stability of the preparation.
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