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Data structure in a sentence

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Sentence count:235Posted:2018-05-30Updated:2018-05-30
Similar words: ultrastructureinfrastructurestructurestructuredrestructuresubstructuresuperstructureunstructuredMeaning: n. (computer science) the organization of data (and its storage allocations in a computer). 
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1) This is a data structure with a condition an action and maybe a name other details.
2) An alternative, data structure diagram technique to relate records, is shown in the case study found in Chapter 14.
3) The knowledge sources communicated through a blackboard data structure.
4) Data structure containing package and ancestors is empty An unexpected internal error has occurred while processing your request.
5) Thirdly, the existence of a global data structure allowed the interfaces between components to be specified in an orderly manner.
6) Furthermore,[ structure.html] the data structure of semantic cache items and how to create invalidation report based on bit-sequence and index table are presented.
7) Numeric core code and data structure initializing core code are generated for the the simulator in a high level programming language from the language of the symbolic language translator.
8) Pregenerics programs would hit a dead end in data structure analysis whenever you ran into a Java collection class or application class using untyped references.
9) The core uses a data structure called USB Request Block, or URB (defined in include/linux/usb.h), to asynchronously manage data transfers between the host and the device.
10) Bipartite Graph is important data structure for data base system etc.
11) And a data structure of XML index table was designed to reduce the search space greatly.
12) Classing and coding the materials, we can simplify data structure and reduce data redundancy.
13) The upper data structure table is only for your reference.
14) The domain model is a recursive data structure of nested objects that can be serialized as XML.
15) Each data structure behaves slightly differently in response to the conj function (lists grow at the front, vectors grow at the end, and so on), but they all support the same API.
16) Means of setting data structure by standard template library is mainly introduced.
17) This is an implementation of the tree data structure.
18) Designed and realized the data structure of disk array, how to organize the share memory of disk array.
19) It was introduced a new data structure which offered an advance method for realization of station level display and communication in DMIS.
20) As a general rule, avoid using a more complex data structure where a simpler one will suffice.
21) Contrast to the usual methods, the algorithm is based upon a data structure called edge-table, which makes it easy to implement it in microcomputers using assembly language and structured program.
22) In system analysis, the thesis analyses system function structure, data flow and the data structure and describes system with data flow chart.
23) We will call any data type whose values are composed of component elements that are related by some structure a structured data type, or data structure.
24) This code is taken from a performance test example which uses Java serialization to convert a result data structure into an array of bytes, and then returns that array as an attachment.
25) When a procedure is passed a pointer to a data structure, it adds to the reference count.
26) The design uses hierarchical design method, with the use of chain and tree data structure to achieve the FAT file system. It has well maintainability and portability.
27) In this model, a new rule for evaluating view dependent dynamic error is adopted and the method of repairing the cracks intrinsically caused by quadtree data structure is also improved.
28) In this paper, the design considerations of the geometric modelling for three types of furniture parts and the hierarchical data structure of the FCAD system are presented.
29) The efficiency of geometric modelling is mainly decided by the design and realization of the data structure of modelling system.
30) The advantage to this is that you don't have to follow every path in your program that a given data structure may follow.
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