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Vapour in a sentence

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Synonym: evaporationvaporvaporisationvaporizationSimilar words: vaporevaporatewater vaporvapidpourspousepop outoutpourMeaning: ['veɪpə(r)] n. 1. a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance 2. the process of becoming a vapor. random good picture
1. The hollow glass tank contains hot mercury vapour.
2. There was a hissing sound, and clouds of vapour were emitted.
3. A cloud is a mass of vapour in the sky.
4. The hot vapour spouted from a rusted pipe.
5. The particles then form a vapour.
6. Clouds are formations of condensed water vapour.
7. Heat vapour steamed the desert under the blazing sun.
8. The vapour made his eyes prick.
9. Water vapour condenses to form clouds.
10. No paint is impermeable to water vapour.
11. Water vapour in the air condenses into fog.
12. The swept vapour screen may be best employed for 3-D computer displays and component visualisation.
13. Hot, halcyon days of sunshine and vapour trails, butterflies and crammed picnic baskets.
14. At all vapour pressures and compositions below it, the mixture is a vapour.
15. Unfortunately, the tunnels were still full of gasoline vapour, which was ignited by the gun's muzzle flash.
16. The liquid mixture thus has a higher vapour pressure.
17. The column allows the ascending vapour to come into contact with the descending liquid.
18. We had to staple a polythene vapour barrier to the rafters of a pitched roof.
19. Boiling occurs when the vapour pressure of the liquid equals the external pressure.
20. It was leaving an impressive vapour trail.
21. An expression for the lowering of vapour pressure for dilute solutions can be derived from Raoult's law.
22. It is the vapour tank that is the key to the machine's alleged superiority over other steam irons.
23. The platinum catalyses the reaction of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons with air to give carbon dioxide and water vapour.
24. Both ordinary and thermal plasterboard are also available with a backing film which makes it resistant to water vapour.
25. Furthermore,( the particles act as nuclei for droplets of water vapour.
26. But it is fugitive and becomes absorbed into the infinite like vapour.
27. The instruments were shattered, but the controls and engine were functioning except the latter was spewing coolant vapour.
28. The molecules are consequently held back in the liquid phase and the vapour pressure is lower.
29. At a distance, the figures of Lucier and Izzie stood like souls in purgatory, chest-deep in the seething vapour.
30. It must also provide a high level of water vapour resistance.
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