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Evaporate in a sentence

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Sentence count:94+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Synonym: disappearfade awayvanishSimilar words: vaporcorporateincorporatecorporationincorporationdecorateelaboratedecoratedMeaning: [ɪ'væpəreɪt] v. 1. lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue 2. cause to change into a vapor 3. change into a vapor. random good picture
1. The sun will evaporate the mist.
2. When sea water is allowed to evaporate, salt crystals are deposited.
3. Hopes of achieving peace are beginning to evaporate.
4. The completely captivating moment when all worldly concerns evaporate.
5. The Salton Sea would slowly evaporate and life would return to normal, for a while.
6. It would evaporate in institutional amnesia. 15 Banana-Now Time Reengineering and redesign often focus on time compression.
7. Size will evaporate in the course of the years, and new writing will blur and spread at the edges.
8. This gets the oil hot enough to evaporate any moisture that reacts to form acids in the engine.
9. And that aspect of human nature does not evaporate just because people are part of the same organization.
10. Sometimes contrails evaporate quickly and disappear.
11. Some particles, however, do not evaporate completely and survive the entry-heat to impact on the Earth's surface.
12. Flavours rapidly evaporate from hot wort while bitterness requires up to an hour to fully develop.
13. It was as if he had begun to evaporate somehow.
14. As it approaches the sun it starts to evaporate, giving off the familiar long gassy tail.
15. Ceramic humidifiers on a warm radiator are particularly effective because the oils evaporate, filling the room with a beautiful scent.
16. This removal is very effective because methylene chloride and other caffeine solvents evaporate at temperatures between 100 and 120 degrees.
17. They recorded singers at a pace that suggested the market was going to evaporate the next day.
18. If only children did not hold strong ideas, disagreement and conflict would evaporate in the sunshine of social harmony.
19. Once the church lost its dominant feature, the case for saving the church would evaporate altogether.
20. Then the various groups, still muttering anxiously to each other, began to evaporate in various directions.
21. But the heady joy of escaping from the routine and demands of one's family can soon evaporate into anxiety and loneliness.
22. The affection and gratitude he had felt at first began to evaporate.
23. The day was full of hard sunlight,( meager clouds looking like white foam just beginning to evaporate.
24. If liquid water appeared on the surface of a world that was in a vacuum, it would evaporate instantly.
25. All of Callinicos' philosophical sophistication and matchless political experience evaporate in the face of the art of his own lifetime.
26. That would drive most of the adsorbed gases out of the surface dirt and evaporate the polar dry ice.
27. Damming rivers meant forming reservoirs, and in the heat and dryness of California, reservoirs would evaporate huge quantities of water.
28. When the decision is made and implemented the foreseen obstacles tend to evaporate.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. The gun bounced in his grasp as incandescent energy leapt to evaporate a stretch of that many-times-severed, yet still tenacious limb.
30. Gore could not afford to run the risk of seeing his hard-won political gains evaporate in a populist revolt over fuel costs.
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