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Vapor in a sentence

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Synonym: fogfumegasmistsmokesteamSimilar words: kaposnap offapologygestapohexapodapologistapologizejuxtaposeMeaning: n. 1. a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance 2. the process of becoming a vapor. 
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1. Water vapor is water in the form of a gas.
2. A cloud is a mass of vapor in the sky.
3. The cold wind condenses vapor into rain.
4. The air was charged with vapor.
5. With energy supplied by sunlight, some water vapor in the upper atmosphere may have broken down to hydrogen and oxygen.
6. Measuring plasma osmolality using freezing point depression or vapor pressure will immediately indicate that plasma osmolality and tonicity are normal.
7. He concludes that the mist is a vapor which stings the skin of man.
8. Comets therefore tend to explode into vapor with near perfect efficiency and devastating power on impact.
9. The rare passersby hurried, emitting puffs of vapor from their nostrils.
10. She was subsequently confined to the vapor bath of her home to die of suffocation.
11. When temperatures approach freezing, water vapor from the outside air will condense on the outdoor coil and freeze.
12. At any rate, maybe the fountains of vapor are still another attribute of the profound dignity and mystery of the whale.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. The water vapor can then be cycled by reacting it with carbon monoxide to make carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
14. Thus chemical reactions occur in the vapor phase.
15. Some of the vapor condenses as tiny liquid droplets that cool rapidly.
16. The hot water vapor is vented through a rocket thrust chamber and imparts an impulse to the rocket.
17. It was cold, and everyone breathed clouds of vapor.
18. The vapor lock of light oil swing arm , which is a technical issue to be solved, has been puzzling the people related to oil.
19. Hot vapor from this unit passes to the second-effect calandria and causes boiling in the second evaporator.
20. Water vapor from the evaporative recovery process may be recondensed, and also reused.
21. When nitric acid is poured on copper, a brown vapor gives off.
22. As the lava reached the surface, much of the water escaped as hot vapor clouds.
23. The colligative properties are boiling point, freezing point, osmotic pressure, and vapor pressure.
24. Then he turned his car around in the frozen street and disappeared in a cloud of vapor from the exhaust.
25. We reload and await results as we watch the vapor rising from the ground.
26. The key to manufacture of storable fuels on Mars lies in the use of water-bearing surface materials, not atmospheric water vapor.
27. The fog of the Golden Gate has piled up along the steep bank behind our house, engulfing our neighborhood in vapor.
28. It not only blocks any soffit vents but can cause water vapor to condense into water any time of the year.
29. The second is that the lightest molecule that can be made by combustion is water vapor.
30. Zubrin proposes using the Sabatier process to react hydrogen with carbon dioxide to make water vapor and methane.
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