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Subsequence in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2017-03-04
Synonym: posterioritysequelsubsequentnessSimilar words: subsequentsubsequentlysequenceconsequencein consequencein consequence ofobsequioussequentialMeaning: n. 1. something that follows something else 2. following in time. 
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(1) The subsequence shown in management network terminal of Ministry of Commerce is taken as the criterion.
(2) By calculating the longest common subsequence , finally, similarity searching in time-series data sets is realized.
(3) According to the logical subsequence, it includes three parts: value orientation, aim orientation and method orientation.
(4) The property of the convergent sequence about even subsequence and odd subsequence is generalized.
(5) Set the time interval parameter, and determine the subsequence.
(6) Finding the longest common subsequence from two strings is a well-known problem that was generally applied to diverse domains. Many related researches focus on reducing the computing time complexity.
(7) Subsequence(Sentencedict), she starts realizing she so miscount.
(8) This has the effect of greatly increasing the strength of the withdrawal reflex in response to subsequence stimulation of the siphon alone.
(9) In the last chapter, we briefly discuss analysis of similarity in view of longest common subsequence problem of DNA sequences.
(10) You'll first see how to use dynamic programming to find a longest common subsequence (LCS) of two DNA sequences.
(11) Based on m sequence, we first present reconstructing its state transition diagram and gained the state transition diagram of the new sequence called m subsequence in this paper.
(12) The corresponding points between surface of scene, projection plane and camera image plane are worked out by matching subsequence in the designed sequence.
(13) On expressing any positive rational number as sum of different terms of a given subsequence of harmonic sequence, some particular cases are studies.
(14) The treatment sequence involved addition of ferrous sulfate for precipitation, and subsequence filtration.
(15) PLAGIARISM, n . A literary coincidence compounded of a discreditable priority and an honorable subsequence.
(16) The structure of zinc titanate was affected by the reaction subsequence of the formation of titanic acid and zinc carbonate.
(17) At last, for the similarity, the author gives how to get the longest common subsequence between two protein sequences.
(18) Plunger pump in the steering system bring fluid pulsation, there out pressure pulsation in subsequence system.
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