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Interestingly in a sentence

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Sentence count:153+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-27Updated:2017-03-27
Similar words: interestinginterestinteresteduninterestedlose interestdisinterestedsimple interestcompound interestMeaning: ['ɪntərestɪŋlɪ /'ɪntrɪst-] adv. in an interesting manner. 
1, Interestingly, none of their three children ever married.
2, Interestingly, there are very few recorded cases of such attacks.
3, His essay was clearly and interestingly written.
4, Interestingly , he never actually said that he was innocent.
5, Interestingly enough, a few weeks later, Benjamin remarried.
6, The essay started interestingly, but failed to follow through .
7, She was there but her husband, interestingly, wasn't.
8, Europe's economies have converged in several areas. More interestingly, there has been convergence in economic growth rates.
9, Interestingly enough , Pearson made no attempt to deny the rumour.
10, Interestingly, both female as well as male patients exhibited a hypocholesterolaemia, a finding not previously reported among other population groups.
11, Interestingly,( this is the period in which parietal cells disappear from the same anatomical site in most subjects.
12, These factors, interestingly, all have to do with the quality of the work environment.
13, Interestingly, the security problems plaguing network administrators resemble the problems facing transaction-based electronic commerce.
14, Interestingly, the use of key rings is confined solely to the Roman period.
15, Interestingly enough, sea slugs are able to eat sea anemones without discharging their nematocysts.
16, Interestingly, this view of personality and behaviour is not strictly accurate.
17, Interestingly enough , many of the writers were Vietnamese immigrants.
18, Interestingly the commercial value of the site did not play a part in the calculation.
19, And perhaps most interestingly, can MacLean stay away from the physical altercations that have popped up recently?
20, Interestingly, this reliance on state funding is not confined solely to industry.
21, Interestingly neither of these two people were sociologists, though sociologists have carried out participant studies amongst homosexuals and criminal gangs.
22, Interestingly, three regular meteor showers have orbits connected with three asteroids whose orbits bring them very close to Earth.
23, More interestingly,( the items which provide the focus to the concordance need not be dictionary headings or even vocabulary words at all.
24, Interestingly enough, more and more information is now. available on a world basis about competitive strengths.
25, Interestingly, 5-foot-6-inch women now can weigh up to 155 pounds, but in 1942 their limit was 140.
26, Interestingly, among women aged under 35 only 20% wanted to see abortion remain illegal under all circumstances.
27, Interestingly, after September 1987 factory and mines inspectors were forbidden to speak to the press on pain of disciplinary action.
28, Interestingly non-smoking and non-drinking were cited by many fewer respondents as contributing to being healthy.
29, Thus, we should expect that human language and its use will be interestingly related to human cognition.
30, The flat, oblong tin was full of chunky rings, as dull as lead but interestingly shaped and bevelled.
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