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Sketchy in a sentence

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Synonym: unelaboratedSimilar words: basketitchybasketballstretchysewing basketskeinskeletonanarchyMeaning: ['sketʃɪ] adj. giving only major points; lacking completeness. random good picture
1. Details of the accident are still sketchy .
2. Details of what actually happened are still sketchy.
3. So far we only have sketchy information about what caused the explosion.
4. Information about the crisis was sketchy and hard to get.
5. He gave us only a very sketchy account of his visit.
6. I have only a sketchy knowledge of geography.
7. Your essay gives a rather sketchy treatment of the problem.
8. So, out came the plans, very sketchy, but a start.
9. Meanwhile the Midland's board was only allowed sketchy details about the breakneck expansion.
10. Background sketchy, certainly no criminal record.
11. What does this sketchy historical record suggest for today's number one power?
12. The skull was a leering, bleached thing with sketchy ridge-lines, the sword sort of shiny in silver-white thread, the snake convincingly constrictor-looking, the eagles strikingly noble and angry.
13. Our information on Israeli intentions was sketchy.
14. It was a sketchy, inadequate and dangerous scheme.
15. We managed to piece together the truth from several sketchy accounts.
16. He only managed to give the police a few sketchy details of the robbery.
17. There Ernest, Theodore, and Reginald were born within six years,( ) but Edward's recollections of this time are sketchy.
18. Slightly built, he had long, yellow locks and a sketchy beard.
19. I'm afraid my knowledge of the subject is rather sketchy.
20. Often, the information police receive from state protective workers is so sketchy that officers can not determine if a crime occurred.
21. And the second story that night was all about a one-car traffic accident, with sketchy details about injuries.
22. Whoever the commentator is, the opinions expressed are often only beliefs based on sketchy information that is only indirectly relevant.
23. Police say few police investigations have been opened in these cases because of sketchy information or absence of criminal intent.
24. It would be very unwise to change our policy on the basis of such a sketchy report.
25. The details of the comparative method are a little sketchy, but she claims that Melanesian practice is very similar.
26. Some information can be gleaned, although it tends to be more sketchy.
27. The tourist office sells a guide booklet that includes an hourlong walk and the sketchy details of his life.
28. They attend sporadically,( and their basic understanding of history is usually sketchy.
29. You may even find yourself sitting next to famed music-poster artist Coop or revered painter Van Arno, as we did at a recent Sketchy Servitu soiree.
30. I don't like his personality because he's always so sketchy with things.
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