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Bracket in a sentence

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Synonym: bracecoupleenclosejoinrelatesupportSimilar words: jacketbucketrocketricketsembracerackcracktrackMeaning: ['brækɪt] n. 1. a category falling within certain defined limits 2. either of two punctuation marks (`<' or `>') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material 3. either of two punctuation marks ([ or ]) used to enclose textual material 4. an L-shaped support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf). v. 1. support with brackets 2. place into brackets 3. classify or group. 
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(1) Do you fall outside that age bracket?
(2) You'd better bracket those shelves with two-by-fours.
(3) Most English people bracket American and Canadian accents together.
(4) Don't bracket me with him just because we work for the same company.
(5) It is unfair to bracket together those who cannot work with those who will not.
(6) Only people in the age - bracket 20 - 30 need apply.
(7) It's wrong to bracket him with the extremists in his party his views are very moderate.
(8) It may put you in a higher tax bracket.
(9) Millions of families have climbed a bracket or two.
(10) These machines are in the higher price bracket.
(11) Gossip columnists often bracket them together,so a wedding may be imminent.
(12) They were both surgeons in a high income bracket.
(13) Peter's salary puts him in the highest tax bracket.
(14) Each bracket is fixed to the wall with just three screws.
(15) Dataquest said only 12 percent in this income bracket owned computers.
(16) He gripped the bracket in both hands and repeatedly pounded the bung.
(17) It's all to do with the £19,250 tax bracket and engines below 2 litres.
(18) Notable in this bracket is the new series of Ford Escort hatchbacks and Orion saloons.
(19) The Strongbeam Water Low bracket and pulley makes it simplicity itself to lower and raise the basket as required.
(20) The key is, does your tax bracket justify buying munis?
(21) Nevertheless he steadied his aim and brought the bracket down on to the bung.
(22) Once the tribunal has decided that the bracket should contain certain elements, then everything said earlier would still apply.
(23) Most of the houses are out of our price bracket.
(24) Her pay rise brought her into a new tax bracket.
(25) The party is popular with the 18 - 25 age bracket.
(26) Most British university students are in the 18 - 22 age bracket.
(27) Children are more likely to obtain jobs in the class bracket of their fathers than they are to be socially mobile.
(28) Additionally, when you retire, you may be in a lower tax bracket.
(29) The break point for quality imaging is in the two mega pixel region now available in the entry level bracket.
(30) Distributions are subject to ordinary income tax, and taking too large a distribution could propel you into a higher tax bracket.
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