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Bucket in a sentence

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Synonym: bucketfulpailSimilar words: buckjacketrocketcockedhockeyducksuckfuckMeaning: ['bʌkɪt] n. 1. a roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top 2. the quantity contained in a bucket. v. 1. put into a bucket 2. carry in a bucket. 
1. Water had spilled out of the bucket onto the floor.
2. He felt a sudden compulsion to drop the bucket and run.
3. Peter has fainted;this bucket of water should fetch him round.
4. How can I plug the hole in this bucket?
5. Get a bucket to swill the yard down.
6. I dropped the bucket, and water sloppedout .
7. He let down a bucket into the well to draw water.
8. He filled the bucket with water.
9. The sand had spilt from the fire bucket.
10. Armed with a bucket and a mop, I started washing the floor.
11. I filled the bucket with water.
12. She poured a bucket of water over me.
13. He dipped the brush into the paint bucket.
14. The bottom of the bucket has worn through after all this time.
15. We drew water in a bucket from the well outside the door.
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16. They were drinking beer by the bucket.
17. She threw a bucket of water over them.
18. We let the bucket down by a rope.
19. The old man fell against the bucket.
20. He scooped the sand into a bucket with his hands.
21. The calf lapped up the bucket of milk.
22. He filled upthe bucket with water.
23. They put a bucket of water on top of his door as a booby trap.
24. Just give him a bucket and spade and he's in seventh heaven!
25. Pour out the water left in the bucket.
26. Water splashed into the bucket from the tap.
27. The roof is leaking fetch a bucket to catch the drips.
28. If you must spit at all[], please spit in the bucket provided.
29. We walked along the beach collecting small crabs in a bucket.
30. The roof was leaking and I had to use a bucket to catch the drips.
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