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Ruthenium in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2019-01-09Updated:2019-01-09
Similar words: rheniumseleniumarrheniusprosceniumruthtruthminiumomniumMeaning: [ruː'θɪnɪəm] n. a rare polyvalent metallic element of the platinum group; it is found associated with platinum. 
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1. Native ruthenium and hedleyite were identified in the pyrite quartz lodes.
2. Methods: Ruthenium tetroxide and osmium tetroxide were compared as post fixative in the preparation of hairless epidermis for transmission electron microscopic examination.
3. Compared to the bipyridine ruthenium solar cell, the new prepared solar cell shows very good properties by testing its I/V curve.
4. Pectins are demonstratet by staining with ruthenium red.
5. AIM To investigate the ruthenium red (RR) staining on the visualizing of ultrastructures of pulmonary surfactant (PS) in injured lungs caused by bleomycin (BLM).
6. Ruthenium oxi dation suing emulsion technology is the most commercially efficient method.
7. The ruthenium catalyst has high activity at low pressure(sentencedict .com), so It'suitable for low - pressure ammonia synthesis.
8. Ruthenium - plated zip puller entirely set with clear crystals.
9. Ruthenium - plated cuff with Jet, Jet Mat and Jet Hematite Crystal Mesh and black, embossed calfskin leather.
10. The ruthenium - plating highlights the sheen of Jet Hematite, Black Diamond, Silver Shade and clear crystals.
11. Pretreated MAB with capeicin or ruthenium red inhibited ETX - induced releaseof CGRP by 90 % and 65 % respectively.
12. Be naughty! This playful ruthenium - plated necklace adds a touch of mischief to your mood or outfit.
13. Ruthenium - plated brooch set with crystals in blue, violet and grey shades.
14. Several kinds of ruthenium - catalyzed organic reactions were reviewed: hydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization, metathesis.
15. Iridium, osmium and ruthenium,( unwrought or in powder form.
16. Which was distinctly different from that of ruthenium tris(bipyridine) complex, and is not suitable for used in alkaline condition.
17. The achievements in the fabrication and characterization of ruthenium oxide, and enzymatically modified electrode with penicillinase are described in detail.
18. Iron, nickel, copper, silver, gold, iridium , or ruthenium may be included as cocatalyst metals.
19. For even greater stability, the hexagonal structure of ruthenium is used.
20. Ruthenium - plated edge entirely set with clear crystals.
21. The skin biopsy specimen from patient with lamellar ichthyosis was assessed by electron microscopy, using ruthenium tetroxide post-fixation to visualize the intercellular lipid membrane domains.
22. Black calfskin leather bracelet with Jet , Jet Mat and Jet Hematite Crystal Mesh ; faceted ruthenium - plated buckle.
23. The antitumor activity, hydrolysis, binding characters to DNA and proteins of ruthenium complexes are briefly reviewed.
24. The present invention relates to 1, 2- substitute cyclopentadienyl ruthenium surface chiral ligand in the chemical field and the correspondence synthetic method.
25. Black calfskin leather bracelet with Jet , Jet Mat and Jet Hematite Crystal faceted ruthenium - plated buckle.
26. These werecharacterized by cyclic voltammetry in the presence of ferrocenemonocarboxylate and hexamine ruthenium as probe molecules.
27. The active material is a sub - micron thin - glass film with an immobilized fluorescent ruthenium organic complex.
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