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Psycholinguistics in a sentence

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Similar words: psycholinguisticlinguisticslinguisticlinguisticallymetalinguisticclinical psychologistdistinguishing characteristicpsychologistMeaning: n. the branch of cognitive psychology that studies the psychological basis of linguistic competence and performance. 
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1, Connectionism is the core theory of cognitive psycholinguistics.
2, From the view of psycholinguistics, the article analyzes the essential of the theme and thematic inference, and it also points out that there are two styles of thematic inference.
3, As one of those theories of psycholinguistics , information processing theory is concerned with the process in which people receive, deal with and apply the information they got.
4, According to psycholinguistics, a schema is a structure in semantic memory that specifies the general or expected arrangement of a body of information.
5, Computational psycholinguistics is a joint study area of computational science and psycholinguistics.
6, Grosjean is Emeritus Professor of psycholinguistics at Neuchatel University in Switzerland.
7, Psycholinguistics pays more attention to the tactical aspects of genre construction.
8, Based on the schema theory in psycholinguistics, how to identify, form and exercise the schema in English reading is discussed in this article.
9, Observing reading from the angle of applied psycholinguistics, this paper analyses the relationship between mood and effectiveness in the process of reading.
10, The relationship between syntactic and semantic processing has been a central concern of psycholinguistics for the last two decades.
11, After the discussion about the interrelatedness between pragmatics and cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and cog...
12, The organization system of selfrepair is a new research aspect for psycholinguistics. It consists of four major components, ie. , interruption, backtracking , initiation and selfrepair.
13, Language attrition is not only a new field of applied linguistics research but an important field in psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics.
14, Recent years, Grammatical gender has attracted much attention in the fields of psycholinguistics(, especially speech production and language comprehension.
15, The present paper, from a few aspects, tries to elucidate the distinguishing characteristics, research objectives, the status quo and the prospects of the discipline of forensic psycholinguistics.
16, This article introduces the cognition process of bilingual acquisition and its relation with foreign language teaching from the perspective of psycholinguistics .
17, The formation of the concept of Chapter is based on the theories of psycholinguistics, philology and applied linguistics.
18, These models provide some theoretical guidance on idiom semantic processing in the fields of psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.
19, I am a computer science and psychology major hoping to go into psycholinguistics one day.
20, Recently implicit learning and explicit learning an interdisciplinary research focus for applied linguistics and psycholinguistics abroad.
21, Discourse reading has been a favored study field of psycholinguistics.
22, This paper probes into the causes for this phenomenon from different angles of neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics. It also offers some measures of shortening this stage.
23, Foreign experts have done a lot of research on reading theory from the viewpoints of psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology.
24, In terms of the research of advertising language, there are also many achievements in the field of social linguistics, psycholinguistics,( communicative linguistics and cultural linguistics.
25, The study of this kind of speech errors lies in the domain of psycholinguistics, with the aim of discovering the mechanism of language production, including mental representation and mental process.
26, His hypothesis finds much evidence from findings in cognitive science and psycholinguistics, especially in the investigation of computational simulations based on connectionism.
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