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Psychologically in a sentence

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Similar words: psychologicalneuropsychologicalpsychologistpsychologypathologicaltheologicallyecologicallyornithologicalMeaning: adv. 1. with regard to psychology 2. in terms of psychology. 
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1) Marijuana is said to be psychologically though not physically addictive.
2) Boys mature more slowly than girls,both physically and psychologically.
3) This explanation fits the facts and is psychologically plausible.
4) It was very important psychologically for us to succeed.
5) The Soul and the Understanding represent these dualities psychologically,[] recreating within man the structural dualism of the cosmos.
6) His characters are frequently maimed, physically or psychologically.
7) Such a position is, psychologically and emotionally speaking, almost unbearable.
8) Psychologically, it must have been extremely difficult for these students to equate suspect institutions with personable people.
9) Those dark days are behind him and psychologically he is stronger.
10) Emotions influence us mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physiologically in everyday life. We will gain if we are blessed with positive emotions. We will lose if we are controlled by negative emotions. Dr T.P.Chia 
11) They are psychologically, spiritually and in personality as different as chalk and cheese.
12) This will help you, both physically and psychologically, to get back on to the straight and narrow.
13) Smiling people are mentally, psychologically and physically healthier. Dr T.P.Chia 
14) Abilities or aptitudes can be tested psychologically; experience can be validated by talking to peers or previous employers.
15) A person who has been successful in separating psychologically from parents is equipped to function independently in both play and work.
16) Psychologically, in fact, they have a slight edge over their indomitable opponents.
17) Men are psychologically insecure - their hearts are filled with emptiness and emotional insecurity, and they are always hungry for a sense of stillness, tranquility, serenity and happiness. Dr T.P.Chia 
18) Psychologically it is costly because we are in bondage to the person we will not forgive.
19) When man has satisfied his physical needs, then psychologically grounded desires take over.
20) And the eyes in his paintings hold the key to the psychologically charged atmosphere.
21) Life is a great challenge to human beings, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically. Dr T.P.Chia 
22) The conventional view is that some polysymptomatic patients have a psychologically based disability.These patients are extremely suggestible.
23) In cultures where arranged marriages were the norm, the task of marrying was probably psychologically simpler.
24) Many commentators now believed that Kasparov was finished, that psychologically he could not recover from such a slough of despond.
25) Individuals acclimatize to cold, for example, by adjusting physically, physiologically or psychologically following cold exposure.
26) Congressional sources believe the White House saw the chance for a quick, psychologically valuable victory over the Democratic leaders.
27) Bruch criticized obesity researchers for failing to recognize that dieting was not only psychologically debilitating but medically simple-minded.
28) It is not difficult to imagine how a disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome could affect a patient psychologically.
29) We would argue that the chain-of command perspective is neither a biblical nor a psychologically sound pattern for the marriage relationship.
30) While it is not physically painful it is certainly psychologically aversive.
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