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Incarnate in a sentence

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Synonym: bodiedbody forthcorporalcorporateembodiedembodysubstantiateSimilar words: incarnationcarnalincarceratecarnivoroussupernaturaltruncatealternativetruncatedMeaning: [ɪn'kɑrneɪt /-'kɑːn-] v. 1. make concrete and real 2. represent in bodily form. adj. 1. possessing or existing in bodily form 2. invested with a bodily form especially of a human body. random good picture
1. One survivor described his torturers as devils incarnate.
2. That enemy officer is a devil incarnate / an incarnate fiend.
3. The media cast him as the devil incarnate .
4. The leader seemed the devil incarnate.
5. He is now respectability incarnate.
6. She is evil incarnate.
7. Then you must incarnate what others incarnate.
8. My aunt is generosity incarnate.
9. Queen was happiness incarnate.
10. And he is incarnate in us all whenever we are in converse with each other, instructing or mercifully helping.
11. Was the future of the Rabari incarnate in this young man?
12. Some people think he was the devil incarnate; others think he was a great social critic.
13. Truly great leaders such as Oppenheimer seem to incarnate the dream and become one with it.
14. The process of brand creation need incarnate in each project construction process.
15. Red Nations peoples were incarnate upon this land and refused to provide this mineral unto Atlantean governance for any price .
16. Why should God become incarnate as a male?
17. The villain was a fiend incarnate.
18. The guards were sadistic beasts and their leader was the devil incarnate.
19. His strong left - wing views make him the devil incarnate to more extreme Conservatives.
20. He thus challenged authority simply by declaring that he was al-haqq, truth incarnate.
21. The longtime congressman from Texas was cast as Democratic evil incarnate.
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22. She would represent herself as an angel of light and make her kind master and benefactor a devil incarnate.
23. The mental vibrations are also expressed in the aura which every incarnate being has around it.
24. With their mix of male and female imagery, snakes are sexuality incarnate.
25. Analysis of these factors can help us to dispark files better and also incarnate its value better.
26. In the language of the Fathers and the Councils of the early church, Jesus Christ as the incarnate Son of God unites human and divine natures in his own single person (hypostasis).
27. In the first novel about him, published in 1913, Dr Fu is described as "the yellow peril incarnate in one man".
28. Holy Scripture must be treated as what it essentially is—the witness of the Father to the Incarnate Son.
29. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate. " ----Quotes from Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship, first published in 1937."
30. The world's Maos, Castros, Gadhafis and Mugabes claimed to incarnate the interests of their nations.
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