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Perplexing in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2017-03-08
Similar words: perplexityperplexperplexedperplexedlycomplexitydyslexiaflexibleinflexionMeaning: [pər'pleks /pə'pleks] adj. lacking clarity of meaning; causing confusion or perplexity. 
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1) I found the whole thing extremely perplexing.
2) It took years to understand many perplexing diseases.
3) The dramatic desiccation of North Africa is a perplexing phenomenon.
4) This might seem very perplexing to those who know nothing about it.
5) The whole affair is very perplexing.
6) They find the company's attitude perplexing and unreasonable.
7) The dream is brief but perplexing.
8) One perplexing feature of this conclusion is that since the late nineteenth century far fewer children with right hemisphere lesions are aphasic.
9) So it's perplexing to discover that cancer in industrialised countries is rising.
10) The perplexing answer suggested by cybernetics is: it emerges from itself.
11) What was this perplexing, freaky thing before her?
12) Coessential change not only the journalist that perplexing Chongqing and reader, still perplexing Chongqing city to be in charge of the governmental official that news publicizes .
13) Most perplexing and disquieting are the reports of mobilisation of Russian,( Austrian and German troops.
14) Odom is the Lakers'great enigma, perhaps the most perplexing, confounding, frustrating player in the NBA.
15) He sought an answer to the problem perplexing his mind.
16) Fair problem is a when perplexing people unintelligible mystery all the time.
17) Since then I have replaced the old leaky fuel pump which has given me a perplexing problem.
18) In a school gymnasium full of caucus-goers in Des Moines, Dole inadvertently coined the best phrase of this perplexing campaign.
19) But all attempts to harness and control this most perplexing of natural phenomena have proven far more elusive.
20) The public can be forgiven for finding the concept perplexing, since the popular press uses the terms multimedia and cross-media interchangeably.
21) As with all Dizzy games, Crystal Kingdom is jam-packed with perplexing puzzles to solve.
22) Selection of a president who could meet the needs of national reconstruction and regeneration was truly a Perplexing task.
23) The bicycles obstructing the way, the unloved and unwashed stair carpet, the large and perplexing stain on the elderly wallpaper.
24) In a paper written a year ago, Mr Hall described such apparently "causeless" recessions as perplexing.
25) The warmth and friendliness he felt toward him now were perplexing.
26) But how lightning manages to accelerate these electrons is extremely perplexing.
27) The hazards of success is one of the oldest and most perplexing themes in literature(, and is at the core of the novel I Come as a Thief by Louis Auchincloss.
28) Now we will never know, and don't let anyone ever suggest to you that you will ever know, what Milton could possibly mean by this deliberately perplexing image of the two-handed engine at the door.
29) Non - estrus of Sows causing sterile is a perplexing problem in raising pig produces.
30) Zen Buddhism, with its discipline of meditation and its perplexing koan riddles, seems powerfully enlightening.
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