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Papillae in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
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1. In particular the two distinct forms of papillae on the jaw, open tentacle pores and small tentacle scales.
2. The oral papillae form a continuous series, there are no significant gaps between the papillae.
3. These shields are obscured by the supplementary papillae and by papillae arising on the shields themselves.
4. The oral papillae are small and pointed, irregularly arranged either along the edge of the jaw or slightly more superficial.
5. Cervical papillae occur anteriorly in the oesophageal region, and caudal papillae posteriorly at the tail.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. These papillae form an almost continuous series with 4 or 5 similar papillae associated with the second oral tentacle pore.
7. There are two distal oral papillae on each side of the jaw forming a continuous series with the infradental papillae.
8. The oral papillae are reduced and resemble large flattened granules.
9. Distal to the oral papillae the second oral tentacle pore is particularly prominent.
10. The distal papillae appear to form a continuous series with the superficial tentacle scales of the second oral tentacle pore.
11. The oral papillae are reduced resembling irregularly arranged, enlarged granules.
12. In a few specimens this papillae may be partially divided giving the appearance of being two papillae.
13. The jaws are armed with spine-like mouth papillae, otherwise covered by thick skin which obscures the associated plates.
14. The two oral papillae contiguous with the infradental papillae.
15. They are fungiform papillae—"mushroom-shaped nipples," to any Latin speakers out there—and each houses 50 to 100 buds.
16. There were papillae, microvilli or microvesicles on the surface of some cells.
17. Myoepithelial cells are not present in the papillae of EPC, same as in papillary DCIS.
18. This is a new method to isolate dermal papillae of mass human hair follicles efficiently and rapidly.
19. Objective:To investigate the changes of fungiform Papillae following injury to lingual nerve.
20. And the size of interdental papillae increased during the period of study, which had no relationship with plaque and gingival inflammation.
21. The taste buds of fungiform papillae are not so developed and filiform papilla are long and thick.
22. Thus, the formation of papillae is an important first step in development of the gustatory system in mammals...
23. People who have lots of papillae have been dubbed supertasters for their ability to really perceive, say, the bitterness in arugula or the subtle sweetness of a pea.
24. The surface of the oral plates adoral and oral shields is obscured by superficial, wide, flat papillae.
25. They may form a continuous series with the oral papillae as in the genus Ophiopristis.
26. As food touches the tongue it comes into contact with the sensory papillae there.
27. There is usually one pointed apical papilla sometimes two or three flanked on each side by 3-4 pointed oral papillae.
28. The jaw is typical of the genus with multiple spine-like apical papillae and oral papillae along its edge.
29. Fungiform papilla height and width and the number of fungiform papillae per slice showed no change.
30. The adult alimentary canal is long and narrow, its crop is long bag-shaped, very few papillae in front part of the midgut.
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