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Pillar in a sentence

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Synonym: columnmonumentpostshaftsupportSimilar words: capillarypillagespillagepillspillpillowspill outspilledMeaning: ['pɪlə(r)] n. 1. a fundamental principle or practice 2. anything tall and relatively thin that approximates the shape of a column or tower 3. a prominent supporter 4. a vertical cylindrical structure standing alone and not supporting anything (such as a monument) 5. (architeture) a tall cylindrical vertical upright and used to support a structure. 
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(1) The administration of jusice is the firmest pillar of government. 
(2) This pillar is a monument to all those who died in the civil war.
(3) I fell asleep against a pillar.
(4) The pillar obstructed our view of the stage.
(5) This pillar is a monument to all those who died in the war.
(6) I can't decipher what is inscribed on the pillar.
(7) She has buffeted about from pillar to post for ten years.
(8) The pillar of her economic policy was keeping tight control over money supply.
(9) She is a pillar of strength in a crisis.
(10) She was driven from pillar to post and each person she spoke to was more unhelpful than the last.
(11) Christine's been a pillar of strength to me.
(12) Mr Fitzwilliam had been seen as a pillar of the community.
(13) I hid behind a pillar when I saw my former teacher.
(14) This pillar carries the whole roof.
(15) The staircase winds upwards round a central pillar.
(16) He was exalted as a pillar of the community.
(17) Mrs Maple is a pillar of the local church.
(18) My father had been a pillar of the community.
(19) He clutched at a pillar for support.
(20) He kept out of sight behind a pillar.
(21) He was a pillar of the club for over thirty years.
(22) He dropped the letter into the pillar - box.
(23) The pillar prevented me getting a clear view of the action.
(24) This pillar is roughly aligned with the others.
(25) He was the pillar of the church.
(26) The poor kid has been pushed from pillar to post.
(27) Her father changed jobs several times a year[sentence dictionary], and the family was moved from pillar to post.
(28) My parents were always on the move and so my childhood was spent being dragged from pillar to post.
(29) Her view of the stage was obstructed by a pillar.
(30) Morale is very low. People have just had enough of being thrown from pillar to post.
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