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Nominative in a sentence

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Similar words: nominationdenominationnondenominationaldeterminativenominatedenominatordominatingdominationMeaning: [‚nɑmɪ'nətɪv /‚nɒ-] n. the category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb. adj. 1. serving as or indicating the subject of a verb and words identified with the subject of a copular verb 2. named; bearing the name of a specific person 3. appointed by nomination. random good picture
1. Is this noun in the nominative?
2. I, we, she, and they are all nominative pronouns.
3. Put this noun into the nominative.
4. In Latin, the nominative case of first declension nouns ends in'a '.
5. This is a nominative absolute structure, which is equal to a conditional clause.
6. A verbal adjective in Latin that in the nominative case expresses the notion of fitness or obligation and in other cases functions as a future passive participle.
7. This article makes nominative analysis towards location choice of urban housing investment.
8. The distinctions of nominative and accusative in nouns are realized by word order[], with the one before the verb as the nominative and the one after it as the accusative.
9. Is it nominative or elective?
10. In latin, a noun derived from a verb and having all case forms except the nominative.
11. Case: The category of case is prominent in the grammar of Latin, with six distinctions of nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative and ablative.
12. This body should be completed in the end after the word nominative or accusative particle depends on the particle after the verb is transitive or automatic words.
13. Words do not automatically follow the object, that word in front of the back of the body can not be with accusative particle, in addition to only fill in the nominative particle.
14. In Polish, the vocative is almost always different from the nominative case.
15. After preposition the objective case of pronouns should be used, but he used the nominative case.
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