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Lifecycle in a sentence

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1. This process is repeated over and over again in relation to major and minor events throughout the family life-cycle.
2. There are three phases in the lifecycle of a butterfly.
3. However, the life-cycle savings model is the polar opposite case from pure classical savings.
4. For most domestic servants though, the occupation was a temporary life-cycle one.
5. Increasingly such requirements are based on life-cycle assessments of the product's environmental impact during production, consumption and disposal.
6. In such situations, accountants need to be familiar with full life-cycle costing based on the experience-curve concept.
7. Attitudes to ageing and to elderly people in a multiracial society Ageism permeates society at both ends of the life-cycle.
8. This wealth is independent of production relations and owes more to household structure and position in the life-cycle.
9. These ideas from psychotherapy help our background understanding of emotional experiences in the later part of the life-cycle.
10. McKinsey also drew up an analysis showing how different facets of financial management should vary according to the stage of the life-cycle.
11. Others may come or go, but the entire life-cycle of many is lived within the confines of quite small areas.
12. This departs from the measure based on lifetime incomes, on account of systematic life-cycle factors and of transitory variation in incomes.
13. The other main type of life-cycle is followed by insects such as the aphids, grasshoppers, dragonflies and mayflies.
14. Decisions about advertising expenditure will usually be made in conjunction with assessments about the position of the product in its life-cycle.
15. Its life-cycle starts with a spore[], of which there are countless millions in the atmosphere.
16. A key aspect of this part of the mix is the life-cycle of the product.
17. The emphasis of financial management within each stage of the life-cycle as shown in figure 4.3 still retains its logical validity.
18. These are the items which move through a lifecycle ie. are acted upon by a process model.
19. It could also affect the timing of lifecycle events, or phenology, he said.
20. Th is is agglutinant to strengthening game, the lifecycle that lengthens game has very main effect.
21. HASP SRM features lifecycle management tools including license generation, tracking & more.
22. Lifecycle management that enables applications to be installed, updated, started, stopped, and uninstalled without a system restart.
23. Cribbage-board piece can bring good income, but the lifecycle of game is more finite, long-term see the strategic fixed position that compares test company.
24. Product lifecycle process management(PLPM) and product lifecycle information management(PLIM)are two main researching contents of product lifecycle management(PLM).
25. The crevices at the sides of chairs provide an ideal refuge for fleas at all stages in their lifecycle.
26. For example, this allows individual modules to be defined to follow different lifecycles and thus behave in different ways.
27. Each project should hold a retrospective at the end of its lifecycle.
28. GOY electric vehicles will be developed using Green Product Lifecycle strategies.
29. In 1985, almost all projects with a well-defined Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) used the waterfall model,( shown in Figure 1.
30. A new method created on the basis of the lifecycle method and fast prototype method, called process location method, is presented.
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