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Unicycle in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-05-04Updated:2017-05-04
Similar words: bicycleepicycletricyclecyclerecyclelife cyclemotorcycledesign cycleMeaning: n. a vehicle with a single wheel that is driven by pedals. v. ride a unicycle. random good picture
1. Will it be the Pope on a unicycle?
2. Inside there was a young man riding a unicycle, with balloons and decorations everywhere.
3. Canadian Ben Gulak has invented the world's first unicycle motorbike with two wheels side - by - side.
4. By go-cart or unicycle, by skateboard or sleigh.
5. Shannon was sometimes known to ride a unicycle down the halls of Bell Labs - while juggling.
6. An inmate learns to ride a unicycle in the prison gym. Seriously.
7. was sometimes known to ride a unicycle down the halls of Bell Labs — while juggling.
8. U is for unicycle so shiny and new.
9. A purist form of unicycle, without cranks.
10. Putting an eccentric wheel on a kangaroo unicycle can make riding easier, and the rider's motion appear more kangaroo-like.
11. The simulation experiment and analysis on the unicycle system are given. The simulation results show that the validity of the method.
12. As if just riding a unicycle didn't look funny enough, add mallets and balls and you've got a truly wacky spectacle.
13. Thirteen years of Tory misrule have left the Right's matrimonial affairs looking about as secure as a drunk on a unicycle.
14. They've got some good cyclists, some good ice hockey players, but not many good unicycle hockey players.
15. They learned how to walk on stilts, ride a unicycle and juggle.
16. It's an electric vehicle that looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a unicycle.
17. After all, who could look at a chimpanzee on a unicycle and comprehend its real situation?
18. Use an odd form of transport: a kayak, or a unicycle.
19. Given that your life has recently seemed as stable as a juggler on a unicycle, you certainly have your reasons to doubt anything that looks as if it's due to settle into a comfortable state.
20. A young inventor has created a motorbike with a twist – it uses two wheels but they are positioned right next to each other, giving it the illusion of being a powered unicycle.
21. The 2010 model of Murata Girl was upgraded to unicycle along a tiny S-curve beam without falling off, perfect for the robot circus.
22. The greater gyroscopic properties and lower center of mass make it easier to balance than a normal unicycle but less maneuverable.
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23. Thrown fruit can now proc Daze on a target riding a unicycle.
24. Japan's Murata manufacturing has unveiled its latest high - tech robot which balanced enough to ride a unicycle.
25. So, I should say, I've seen a lecture where, actually, the professor had a volunteer on a unicycle to demonstrate how that works.
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