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Ionizing in a sentence

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Similar words: ionizing radiationionizing energyagonizingagonizinglypatronizingpatronizinglysynchronizingorganizingMeaning: ['aɪənaɪz] adj. converting totally or partly into ions. 
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1. Nebulae contain very large amounts of ionized gas.
2. The binding is reversible so that factors that decrease the protein concentration will increase the ionized fraction of calcium in the blood.
3. The idea behind the ion motor is to make use of the electrical properties of ionized atoms.
4. Hypocalcemia A decrease in the concentration of ionized calcium precipitates the clinical picture of hypocalcemia.
5. By a variety of plausible means much of these gases can escape from Io and become dissociated and ionized.
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6. If the serum albumin concentration is normal, the total serum calcium level reflects the ionized calcium concentration.
7. Its overall effect is to raise serum ionized calcium levels and lower serum phosphorus levels.
8. In addition to cancer inductions, ionizing radiation may have significant effects on pre-natal development and on genetic or hereditary factors.
9. The double header ionizing air volume can be adjusted, including high voltage gene - rator.
10. Microwave is of non- ionizing energy from matter heated in electromagnetic field by high frequency. The change in granular properties of starches through microwave radiation is studied.
11. Radioactivity refers to the phenomenon of emitting ionizing radiation when a radionuclide spontaneously disintegrates.
12. Ionizing radiation can affect the characteristics of the electrode processes and disturb their kinetic equilibria.
13. Radiation injury: Tissue damage caused by exposure to ionizing radiation.
14. We study the total ionizing dose sensitivity of 0.25μ m nMOSFETs.
15. Welcome to Nuclear Engineering 22.01 "Introduction to Ionizing Radiation."
16. The ionizing radiation responses of NPN bipolar transistor and NMOSFET at different dose-rates have been investigated.
17. Medical ionizing radiation plays most part in artificial radiation application.
18. Of concern in the current situation is ionizing radiation, which is produced by spontaneously decaying heavy isotopes, such as iodine 131 and cesium 137.
19. Our knowledge regarding the effects of ionizing radiations is still meagre.
20. As an ionizing radiation it can cause chemical reactions, and causes many substances to glow or fluoresce .
21. The studies consistently showed that ionizing radiation significantly enhances the growth of fungi that contain melanin.
22. In recent years, concern has been raised over exposure to ionizing radiation from radon gas.
23. The system also includes a source having a second atomic species for emitting an ionizing energy.
24. For the third issue , that is, electrostatic problems, folding machine are ionizing air flow system.
25. So, there was no evidence of incidence increment of radiogenic cancer in workers exposed to low-level ionizing radiation.
26. Based on the mechanism of field-oxide isolation region failure induced by ionizing radiation, approaches to hardening the field-oxide region in CMOS IC's have been investigated.
27. Objective To compare the resistance of Bacillus anthracis spore and Bacillus pumilus spore to ionizing radiation.
28. The Performance requirements, design principle and components of the thermoluminescence dosimeter reader used for monitoring of ionizing radiation are reported.
29. They are calibrated to Cesium 137, but also serve as excellent indicators for many other sources of ionizing radiation.
30. Nucleon and use of radioactive isotopes to launch particle ionizing air molecules.
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