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Habituate in a sentence

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Synonym: accustomuseSimilar words: habitualhabithabitatinhabitsituationinhabitedobituaryinhabitantMeaning: [hə'bɪtʃʊeɪt] v. 1. take or consume (regularly or habitually) 2. make psychologically or physically used (to something). random good picture
1 In my opinion you won't go, you're habituated to luxury.
2 One can habituate oneself to living alone, though rarely with any pleasure.
3 By the end of winter, he was habituated to cold.
4 He used to habituate the dirty bars during those days in Europe.
5 Many things to habituate, someone said,( could be given up.
6 We have all become habituated to thinking and reacting in certain ways.
7 From his childhood, Jack has habituated himself to getting up early.
8 Over the centuries, these animals have become habituated to living in a dry environment.
9 People in the area are habituated to the idea of learning from the person above how to do the work.
10 They are habituated to hard work.
11 Wealth habituated him to luxury.
12 Some patients with severe headache problems become habituated to ergotamines and other non-narcotic drugs.
13 Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far. Thomas Jefferson 
14 We humans have inherited a remarkable capacity to habituate to, or become accustomed to, the status quo.
15 According to my ancient love manual, I habituate to a extraordinary and humor man.
16 You must habituate yourself to hard work.
17 Beijing natives, high-ranking officials and skilled workers habituate the central areas of the city; while pop stars and entrepreneurs occupy the picturesque suburbs.
18 In the sentence-forming activity, the student writers habituate to translating their Chinese thinking into English consciously.
19 Follow-up studies of trauma survivorsdemonstrate that victims, over time, "habituate, " developing acertain tolerance or diminution of most symptoms.
20 Habituate yourself to walk very fast.
21 Previous research has shown that fetuses can habituate to sounds and that the fetus has a short-term memory of 24-hours, but this study further examined how long these memories can last.
22 We find children's emotional needs difficult to respond to because we are habituated to disregarding our own.
23 Thus we have suspicion, confusion and misunderstanding, for the mental meaning underlying words varies, as do our habituated beliefs.
24 Un-learning is more difficult than learning - because we become habituated to thinking or feeling in certain ways over time.
25 "Well, " returned Morrel, "it is a cruel thing to be forced to say, but, already used to misfortune, I must habituate myself to shame.
26 Also, including the cry within the purr could make the sound "less harmonic and thus more difficult to habituate to, " she said.
27 But that might be possible here now: Someone could habituate a troop of drills to humans and start a long-term study.
28 Since fetuses that have developmental problems take longer to habituate than normal fetuses, these types of studies may help indicate fetuses that are at risk for certain conditions.
29 " In a second session, the fetus "remembers" the stimulus and the number of stimuli needed for the fetus to habituate is then much smaller.
30 No matter how pleasant an experience is at first, if it becomes a constant, we habituate to it.
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