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Habitat in a sentence

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Synonym: home groundSimilar words: rehabilitationa bit ofa bit of ahesitatelimitationfacilitateinvitationprestidigitationMeaning: ['hæbɪtæt] n. the type of environment in which an organism or group normally lives or occurs. 
(1) This type of owl prefers a desert habitat.
(2) If the heart has no place where the habitat is wandering.
(3) In its natural habitat, the hibiscus will grow up to 25ft.
(4) Some animals are in danger because their native habitat is being destroyed.
(5) This creature's natural habitat is the jungle.
(6) The panda's natural habitat is the bamboo forest.
(7) The moorland is an important habitat for many rare bird species.
(8) The forest provides a habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals.
(9) To save remaining herds and habitat, the national parks department is planning to cull 2000 elephants.
(10) The dolphin's habitat is being rapidly degraded.
(11) The grassland is an important habitat for many wild flowers.
(12) This creature's habitat is the jungle.
(13) The marshes provide a rich habitat for water plants.
(14) Development is destroying the animal's native habitat.
(15) The moth's habitat is being destroyed and it has nearly died out.
(16) The polar region is the habitat of the polar bear.
(17) This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.
(18) Mechanisation itself has, apart from the habitat changes it has induced[], had little direct effect on birds in Sussex.
(19) After all, Lowndes Square was hardly a natural habitat for me.
(20) Many species are threatened in the wild due to habitat destruction by man.
(21) The main threat to the survival of these creatures comes from their loss of habitat.
(22) With so many areas of woodland being cut down, a lot of wildlife is losing its natural habitat.
(23) The greatest danger to tigers now is through loss of habitat.
(24) Dry stone walls may appear stark and lifeless, but they provide a valuable habitat for plants and animals.
(25) The severest human impact on the dolphins has been the loss of habitat.
(26) What does it mean to save a species if and when its habitat is being destroyed?
(27) The city left the natural wash intact, and the area now serves as both flood control and urban wildlife habitat.
(28) Management policy on the reserve includes a regular coppicing-with-standards rotation, providing the songsters with the habitat they seek.
(29) In fact, Galvin sees protecting the pygmy owl and its habitat as a boon to the economy and wildlife alike.
(30) Numerous environmental campaigners have alleged that Fisons's peat-cutting operations are causing irreparable damage to the fragile habitat of lowland peat-bogs.
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